Sorry kas, but I did threaten to do this!!

Thought you all might like to see photos of Ethan and Ambers party. William is still talking about 'that great party!!' Kas, I thought it was fab what you did and these photos show just how much fun all the kids had!

Song Time!! Go Kas!!

Ethan and William getting into it!!

Dress up time for Niamh!

Ethan's fab cake!

Another of Tash's clever creations (I mean the cake, well and Amber too!!)


  • Oh wow it looks like it was soooo much fun!!

  • Great pictures, looks like you all enjoyed it!
  • Em, they're lovely pics thankyou
    I've got some close ups of the cakes i'll put on in a bit as i have the need to show off properly!!!!
    I love the 2nd pic of the boys together, such trouble!!! x x x
  • emma, i was worried when i saw the post, but thankyou, (i take it you didnt use the really embarresing ones) lol.

    they are really good piccies.
    we did have a fab day on friday,didnt we?? and it was great to meet you and becky (properly).

    kas xx
  • Looks like everyone had a fab time!!!

    Kas and Tasha, I should have booked you for the Christening!!!!
  • Glad you all had fun.cant wait to see the cake pic's.
  • Great pictures, looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. Niamh looks very cute in her snow white outfit.

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