Stupid cat!!

How do i stop the cat jumping into Hollie's cot?

Over the last 3 days she has started sleeping in Hollie's cot when Hollie isnt in there. It is driving me mad and it is quite worrying because i dont want her in there when Hollie is in there.
Murphy rolls against Hollie's door at night to bash it open so she can go in the room. She hasnt been in her cot when Hollie is in there asleep, but i still dont like it. So i am up and down all night chasing her out and shutting the door.
Last night when i finally got Hollie settled, i went through to put her in her cot and i couldnt because the damn cat was asleep in there. And this morning i went through to tidy the room after having a shower and she is again asleep in there. She knows she isnt allowed in there because i always get her out when i see her.

She is Ian's cat and if he tells her no she will listen but he wont help me stop her, because he thinks she just wants to sleep under the cot. And that by him is fine.


  • Hi Karen
    The at probably likes it in there because it's warm and cosy and it even could be because it smells of Hollie. I can't offer you much advice but i found this site which might be a solution.
  • Thanks Tasha i will have a look now.

    She hates Hollie though thats the strange thing she is very jealous of her and doesnt like to go near her. When i was pregnant she would sit on the baby things and we did try and stop her. When Hollie was born though she used to run to the backdoor every time Hollie cried and wouldnt go near her or her things.

    Now though she plays up all the time. If Ian has Hollie she jumps up and tries to but her out the way so he has to give her attention. And if i sit down to feed she wants to go out so i have to get up to open the door. I cant cope with the hassle and dont want her, i know its mean but she really is annoying. Ian is also getting annoyed with her demands for constant attention but wont get rid of her. She sits outside the bathroom door waiting for him.
    We need to do something because it is just getting worse with her.
  • the only thing i can think of is getting netting or a mesh cover for when hollie isnt in there

    or does she get through the bars of the cot?
  • LOL Karen, I also have this problem with my cat.
    My older one would'nt dare but the the younger one does it.
    I have to remember to keep her bedroom door closed( easier said than done when you have a mummy brain)
    When I forget to close it, you can bet your bottom dollar the Felix is in there. Its just Katelins bed that he likes. He never bothers with ours or the boys. Dont know why!!!!
    I have a thing about it and as soon as I find him in there I have to change her bedding.
    No cure I'm afraid, just keep her door closed and if your cat bumps it till it opens put something in front of the door.
    Cats are not fans of anything citrus so you could maybe stick an air freshener near Hollies door.
    My cats are scared of the hoover, and wont go near it even when its not turned on, so if Murphy is too, you could stick the hoover outside Hollies room.
    Failing that shut the cat in the kitchen at night.

    Naughty Murphy!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Claire i have no idea how she gets in there, i have only ever found her in there asleep already. She knows she has done wrong because she has avoided me this morning. I would also like to stop her opening Hollie's door at night because it wakes her up.

    Lucy, Ian wont shut the cat anywhere at night, he is too soft on her. I will definately try the hoover though because she is petrified of it. I hate her being in there it is so unhygienic and she puts hairs everywhere. It really is driving me mad.
  • Cant you shut her in somewhere after Ian has gone to bed?.
    Fortunately Nigel agrees with me and at night we shut them both in the conservatory. Nigel starts work at 6 so they are not in there that long.
    yesterday my older cat, Gus was sick 6 times so I threw him out and Nighel went bonkers, and said I was wicked.
  • No because i usually end up going to bed before him, and also murphy has never been shut in anywhere before so she would propably cause havoc.

    She was his mothers cat, and used to be a stray which she took in. But when she moved she couldnt take the cat so ian had to take her. She was really spoilt and lived on tuna alone. Ian has got her onto dry cat food now, but she still has to have tuna aswell. Personally i dont like her i know that is mean but she gets her own way with everything.
  • I jam my door shut so my cats can't get in. I have heard the cats trying to get in but they can't!

    Just a sock or something small in the door is enough.
  • hiya karen. Firstly I am an animal lover and always had cats. But I have one question for Ian...who's most important here, Hollie or his bloody cat!!!! Sorry I know that is a silly question, but if Hollie was to get scratched or worst by the cat how would he feel then? You could try a little latch on the top of the door so that she cannot get into Hollies room? But I think that shutting her in the kitchen at night isn't cruel. We also have a v.strange cat. We don't have a door on our kitchen and she used to cry (really loud, wake us up) outside our room. She was very jealous of the babies too. However she has now become v.strange and barely comes in the house at all. She is petrified of Terry as he doesn't like her.
  • Hi Nicola, Murphy is the same with me because if i catch her doing something i tell her off whereas Ian doesnt as much.

    One of the big reasons i resent her is that because she is scared of dogs, i cant have my dog. He stayed with my parents while i was in uni and is still there now because Ian said i cant have him up here.

    She wouldnt scratch Hollie on purpose but i still dont fully trust her and so never leave them together. I woke Ian up this morning and told him that he is going to have to tell her off if she goes in the cot again. And he agreed with me, which surprised me. Hollie is 5 months old and she hasnt done this before so i dont know why she is starting now.
  • they are weird things these cats!!! as she gets more mobile she may try and grab at the cat, and if the cat retaliates then thats not good. So best to get it sorted now. Im sure as she starts to be more mobile then the cat won't stick around. Thats a shame about your dog Karen.
  • Hi, I've got 3 cats and I've usually found that If I want to stop them doing something, giving them a quick spray with some chilled water generally stops them.
    from Sarah
  • Sarah thats what I do with my cats also - Karen do you have something you could put some water in to spray her - it won't harm her but it could prevent her - you may have to do it a few times but eventually she'll get the message.

    We have two cats and two dogs and have an uphill battle with the sofa in our house as they all want to sit on it even though there not suppose to so can sympathise with how irratation it is - let us know how you get on x
  • Would i spray her when she is already in the cot though? Or do i have to wait until she is in the act of climbing in?

    I used a water spray thing on my dog when he chased cars but he used to turn his head and drink it lol.
  • I think spraying her when shes in the bed as you said you've only ever caught her asleep in there and not sneaking in
  • My cats won't go near Bronwyn. They are too scared, they will wander into her bedroom but soon run out again.

    I have always shut them in the living room, or outside at night. They can access the conservatory. At the minute they won't come in the house as they hate Gareth and he hates them!!

    Cats hate the smell of olbas oil too. Maybe a few drops along the doorway will deter them!
  • Oh thats a good tip i will try that, thanks caroline.
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