Toddler with a sty

Hi All, thought i would pick your well knowledged brains here. Milly has a sore eye, it looked all red yesterday and today its a little swolen, its on the outside corner of her eye on the lower lid. If it was on me, I would say it was a sty and just get on with it. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it. I thought you only got them when you were tired/stressed.

Last time I called the doctors for advice I was told, beyond my better judgement, to come into surgery. I didnt want the hassle of bringing her and the twins out when the doctor was going to tell me there was nothing that could be done (sickness & Diorreah), so dont want to go down that route again.

Has anyone else had experience of this or can offer any advice, or am I being a bit dim and actually do need to take her to the doc's?


  • How about popping into your local optitions and just askinf advice,they should no,if not and its worrying you go to the Dr's.
    Sorry i cant be more helpful hun.
  • Or try just going into a pharmacy for advice, they may even recommend a cream if ones needed.
  • Hi Sally, Is there any discharge, as it could be the start of an eye infection?

    I used to get alot of styes when I was a teenager (surely I was less tired and stressed then??!) The pharmacist used to recommend bathing in witch hazel, which was soothing, but not sure if milly would let you do that. I would suggest taking her to the pharmacist as they should be able to help xxx
  • Hi Sally

    I'm afraid i can't offer you any advice but i think asking your pharmacist is a good idea.

    I just wondered how you were donig and if there was any more news on the move to Dubai??!!

    Hope you're well take care x x x
  • Thanks everyone, I've called NHS Direct, they said i could see a pharmacist or ask my health visitor to pay a visit. But other than that to keep an eye on it (so to speak) and if there is any discharge or she starts to itch and scracth it, to take her to the doctors.

    Tasha, mick was not sucessful at the job in dubai, so thats off the cards. Thank goodness. I saw your post on mothers jobs... it made me laugh.
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