One of my pupils is infested with nits and headlice. We were discussing different methods of getting rid and thought I would share this with you.

If you wash your hair with Bob Martins Flea shampoo it kills the lice on contact and they fall out of your hair. No combing each section of hair, and its perfectly safe!!! Plus, for those of you with a few kids its far cheaper than the ones advertised on TV. Our staff at school swear by it!!


  • Hi Caroline,

    I wash my two's hair with normal shampoo but have placed a few drops of tea tree oil in the bottle, it's enough to prevent the nits in the first place as they don't like the oil. But for anyone who doesn't and comes to find there child has nits that's a good tip as flee shampoo is alot cheaper than nit shampoo.
  • i just use normal conditioner whenver i wash Lydia's hair, and i leave it in, also i only wash her hair once a week. Thanks for the tip on flea shampoo though!!
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