Hi Sally (andlion)

I see we are the only ones online so Hi!!

How are you today?

I've been really busy so having a sit down!!

Zoe xx


  • Hi zoe.

    Ive been really busy this morning too. Have'nt stopped. got up and dressed REALLY early.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You big fibber!!
  • Who little 'ol me????????????????????
  • Sally, your story behind why your bump is called lion is great.It made me laugh.

    Hope its all going well.
  • Hiya Girls

    Anyone still on??!
    I've had a busy morning, took Amber to music class this morn then I've just dropped Ethan at playgroup, i'm gonig to blitz the house now (again)! So that Ethan and i can bake cakes when he gets home!!

    Hope you're all well x x x
  • Are you still there Tasha,

    I've just had lunch and looking to get motivated as I need to do some ironing.
  • Hi Zoe,

    Yep i'm still here, i'm gonig to leave the comp on while i potter so will be on and off!

    How was your morning, are both kids all recovered now?? x x x
  • Jack is But unfortunately Charl is still poorly. She's a little better in herself today but is still producing bad nappies.

    I've had a busy morning, cleaned bathroom, changed the kids beds, tidied downstairs and done lunch. Just need to do some ironing then I can relax!!

    How are your two??
  • Gosh well done Zoe!!!

    Sorry Charlottes still not well, poor thing.
    Mine are fine thanks, Ambers teething but calpol and medised are life savers!!!

    I'm really trying to keep on top of the house ready for the visitors on Ambers birthday but as quickly as i tidy, Ethan trashes!!
  • I have been on msn for quite a while chatting to Lucy so I have been a little naughty!!

    It's just one of those things with Charl, she's picking up everything from Nursery, it's a cicle, poorly wed/thurs through to sat on average. ok sunday then back to nursery monday!! She'll have a good immune system when she's fought all these bugs!!

    How are the plans going?
  • So you're able to timetable poorly days then?! Poor love! I'm going to jinx myself now but even with going to playgroup, ethan hasn't picked anything much up just the odd cold.

    Plans are ok thanks, its just a small tea party we're having on sunday afternoon and we've only invited both families good parents and one of our next door neighbours! I'm just baking a few cakes and Amber will open her presents (or ethan will)! but it's nice to mark the day

    Have you started the ironing yet??! x x x
  • Yes but it's very slow cos i keep popping back on here!!

    Yes I can timetable illness at the minute sadly but it will get better.
  • Right, 624 off, Kiss on and I will fold my washing while you iron yours.
    My man phoned. he will be here at 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Right, i've put a load of washing on and done the washing up from lunch going to make ambers bottles up now!!!
  • I'm glad I'm inspiring you!!

    2 o'clock, what time did he leave!!
  • No idea. He lives about 50 miles away, so unless he's planning on sleeping on my sofa, not realy sure its worth him coming today at all. plus he'll wake up my sleeping beauty with his banging around.

    What rehydration solution should I tell Nigel to get. Never got one before and Nigel wont have a clue what to look for either.?
  • OOh plop, just realised, I got to empty the dishwasher before it goes in the skip ooops!!!!!!!!!
  • I don't know!!

    I have seen one on the shelf which is around the medicines, decongestants, etc, for kids. Sorry I can't really help on that one.
  • Hi Girls,
    Reading your posts have made me smile, I've got a big pile of ironing staring at me, but don't want to do it. Im trying to think of what the rehydration stuff is called, who's it for Lucy?

    Hope you all have a good afternoon. Terry's home, so im popping to shops with Luka whilst tate asleep. Which will be easy as Luka good as gold going shopping and I can take single buggy.

  • Rehydration is for Katelin and Zoe's Charlotte, both of them have runny tums
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