early easter egg!!

hi ladies, ive had to give niamh an early easter egg!!
shes had qa dummy from birth, and she took to it straight away, and as she got older, we weaned her off it in the day so that she only has it at sleep time.

i never wanted her to have it by the time she was 3 so santa was going to have it, but we were away and it felt a little unfair to take it as so much was going on.

anyway, we decided that the easter bunny would have it. yesterday (theres usually lots of dummies around but somehow theyve all disappeared) we couldnt find one, so niamh said the easter bunny mustve come. so i just agreed!! she went to bed without a fuss, and didnt mention it!! couldnt believe it, was it really going to be this easy all along??!!
and of course, when we came down the easter bunny had left a small egg for niamh, she was over the moon. i have explained that its not easter and that she mustve been a special girl for him to visit so early. i was even more proud when one of the first things she said was that she'd share with tara!! so even though im writing this at 6.30am, im so happy!!

has anyone else got any getting rid of dummy stories?!

emma, looks like we all have to give early eggs this year, what with sophie and hers from school.

sorry for the essay.

kas xx


  • Aaahhh Kas! That's a lovely story.

    Niamh sounds like such a little sweetheart.
  • Hiya kas what a lovely story!!! Good girl Niamh. Its a amazing when it happens like that and you are expecting a struggle!! Early morning then hun? How was last night? Luka went 7.30-4.45 was which good I suppose! Terry fed him and went to work bless him. Luka still asleep now, Tate woke me up though at 6.30am. I just went to bed late as i was sick of early nights!!!!
  • Good Girl Niamh you're a star!!!!!

    My next door neighbours have told us their dummy story, their son was about 2 and still having dummies in the day and one day as they were walking to town he dropped it and it fell into the road where a great big lorry promptly drove straight over it!!!!! Even though he obviously had a lot of dummies they hid them all away and whenever he asked for one they told him the lorry had run it over and it worked!!! He's 9 now but if you ask him about his dummy he'll still tell you about it being run over!!!!
  • hehe, thanks for that. the one she lost yesterday, we just found, but we soon got round it.

    funny story tash!! bless him. i love funny stories.

    nicola, yes, v early morning, 5.40 niamh woke up, which promptly woke tara!! oh well, i needed to get up and keep packing for the weekend. got lots to do before ant goes to work at 11, so best get on with it i suppose.
    dont blame you for having a late night, well done luka for sleeping well.

    take care all,
  • That's great Kas, the Easter bunny does a good job!!

    Jack gave his up on his 3rd birthday. We were on the park and he dropped it. James picked it up and put it in his pocket. We told Jack a bird had picked it up for it's babies and he just excepted it!!

    The only problem we had was when he was poorly, as Charl had them we still had some in the house and he would ask to borrow one!! It was a fight but he's not fussed now.
  • aaah great stories girls. My boys are all thumb suckers!! But only when they were tired. I gave up with dummies as couldn't be bothered to keep putting them back in!! So they found their thumbs
  • Aww good girl Niamh!!!

    That's a lovely story kas, isn't it strange how even though it is stupid o clock, when children do nice things like that you dont mind being awake. Hollie has had me up half the night whinghing but she is full of hige smiles this morning so i forgive her he he.
  • Thats a great story Kas, well done Niamh.
    Think i might try that next year and say the easter bunny has taken it.
  • Ah well done Niamh. What a sweet story and even sweeter for her to offer to share with Tara, thats really lovely.

    Daniel never had a dummy(he sucks his thumb STILL!!!!)
    Aaron gave his dummy up on christmas eve when he had just turned 4. As santa swapped it for an extra prezzie
  • Good Girl Niamh!!!! and glad that the Easter bunny came early to show her what a good girl she was!!! x
  • Glad it worked for you hun,we were lucky and riley just gave it up when he realy started cuddeling his dog as it got in the way.
  • Well done Kas and Niamh!
  • Well Done Niamh!!!
    I am very impressed!!

    My niece is 3.5 and still has a dummy, and she wants it all the time. She is supposed to have it only at bed time and so says that she is tired just to get hold of it!!! I hate seeing a 3 year old walking round trying to talk through a dummy!! We have tried the dummy fairy, santa, easter bunny. Even the doctor had a word with her!!! She also gave her dummys to bronwyn but as bronwyn refuses them that was also futile!!!
  • Well done Niamh! Hope you enjoyed your egg and well done for sharing with Tara!! x x
  • thanks ladies. well, we told niamh (thanks to some advice form tash) that the easter bunny had given her dummy to baby shania (my new niece) and that was fine.

    shes asked for it a couple of times, but we just say no and we ask her where its gone and shes remembers, doesnt make a fuss.

    caroline, ever since niamh was little and could talk (even before that, when she could babble), we used to take her dummy out when she was talking. after a while, when she wanted to talk,she used to take it out herself. then it went to not having it when we were out, then to only having it when tired. then we saw the dentist a few weeks ago and he warned us to get rid completely asap as it was reshaping her teeth. couldnt believe it!

    hope you are all well
    kas xx
  • good girl Niamh, glad she is still dummy-less!!! Thats great she used to take it out to speak though.
  • hehe, i know, she got so used to doing that, that when were at friends houses, she used to take the childrems dummies out of their mouths whilst they were talking and say "thats better, i can hear you know"!!
  • Ahh Kas glad she still plodding on without it.
  • That's a really lovely story Kas!!!!!

    Well done Niamh!!!
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