My class reuniun

Hi Becky, thats nice it went well and you enjoyed it. You are alot braver than me, I dont think I could go to one.
Having said that, I dont know if there ever was one and they just did'nt invite me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who knows!!!!!

So How many years will you all leave it next time?


  • well done becky! Are you all having a wonderful time at Amber's party?? Can't wait to see the piccies of your goddaughter xx
  • Bronwyn's christening was like a class reunion. There were 5 of use from the same form group from school!!!! Plus another who was in the same year group!! We got a photo of us from form 874 with our kids!!!!
  • Glad you had a nice time hun,heres to your next
  • glad it all went well.
    hope you had a nice weekend.
    chat soon hun
    kas xx
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