Hi Kas
Hope you had a good weekend in Ireland and it was well worth all the travelling. I hope the christening was good!! Did the girls enjoy themselves??

Not long to go now!! See you next weekend!!


  • Ditto Kas - hope the weather was nice and you all had fun!!!
  • ahh, thanks caroline and sarah!!

    well, the weekend certainly was a long one, but yes, most definitely worth all the travelling.baby shania is absolutely beautiful!! made me broody again!!

    we were delayed a bit going over, so as you can imagine i was very impatient. we left at 6am sat morn, arrived at 8pm sat night, supposed to be at dads house at 7pm, then sunday was the christening, which was really nice, then left at 6.30am monday morn and arrived home at about 6.30 monday night. phew, lots of travelling, but i must say, the girls were amazing, and although a little tired today, coped brilliantly. was v proud!!

    hope you all had good weekends

    kas xx
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