Hello! Hope you are all well.


I hope you are all well and having a good start to your weeks. If you have been at work today I hope it went ok.

We all seem to have got rid of the bugs that we have had over the last few days so we are all bug free today....Yeah!!!!

Has anyone got any nice plans for the week??

Zoe xx


  • Hiya Zoe!

    I am good thanks!!! Bronwyn is her usual chirpy self, we are both getting a cold but hey ho!!! Got target setting / parents evening and day this week. Gareth goes back to his ship on Friday, he will be getting the train and then staying in a hotel as his leave expires at 4am!!! Far too early for us to take him, plus a nightmare drive for Bronwyn.

    Looking forward to next weekend, meeting Tasha and Kas and then of course, meeting up with you in a few weeks!!!
  • Hi Zoe,

    I'm good ta - works been manic so looking forward to a nice longgggggggggg weekend!

    Has anyone got any plans for this weekend?
  • The time has gone quickly!! I can't believe Gareth goes back this week.

    I'm looking forward to meeting up too. Jack's holding you to an ice cream!! Just so you know!!
  • Hi Zoe
    Glad your all feeling much better. Jake and are are free of bugs this week too!
    I am going back to kent tomorrow with Jake for Easter. I can't wait. It will be good to see all the family and catch up with friends.
    How about you. Are you doing anything for Easter?
  • Hi Marie,

    Glad you are both well.

    Have a lovely Easter. Does that mean you won't be online for a bit?

    We are at a friends house on friday for an easter egg hunt then on Monday James and Jack are going to their first Stockcar meeting of the new season.

    If I don't catch you before you go. Have a lovely time. xx
  • Evening All!

    Zoe glad you're all feeling better now!!

    We're off to the space centre in Leicester tomorrow as my dads off work at the mo and is desperate to go!! Ethans really looking forward to it and so am i although i think he may well be a little young for it!

    Then we've just got tots and music on weds and thurs quiet family day on friday and of course the meet up with Kas and caroline on sunday, i can't wait!!!

    Hope you're all well this evening x x x
  • Hi girls, really looking forward to Easter now. I hope the weather is good, although Terry's just told me it might snow!!! I got Luka an easter bunny today (he loves cuddly rabbits, its the long ears!) XXX
  • Really?? That would be a bit odd having snow on easter sunday!!!

    I'm tucking into an easter egg now!! xx
  • YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's nearly easter, that means diet stops for a week and I eat lots of choccie!!!! tasha, this egg you have bought me better be a big one - I've got 3months of chocolate fasting to make up for!!

    I am working all week, but it's good fun as am doing a big workshop night tonight for 35 childminders - these type of evenings make all the hard work worth it as they are lots of fun!!

    Hope you are all having a good week x x
  • hi all, had a fab weekend, and because we didnt get home till last night, i keep thinking its monday today, so thats nice.

    sounds like you all have fun plans. i too heard bout the snow, how weird would that be?

    cant wait till the weekend, as mentioned,the big meet with tash and caroline.

    not working this week as ants on earlies all week, so im not available for work. so am using the week to get ready for the weekend!

    hope you are all well
    kas xx
  • Hi Everyone

    Hope you're all having a lovely week.

    I was working Monday and Tuesday, catching up on housework today(boring!!!) and then i'm working for John on Thurs. Not much planned for easter, Lee's coming through on Saturday so Cameron gets to spend some time with his big brother!!!

    Catch up soon xx
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