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Hi There

I just need to let off steam. I put a post on my local free-cycle for a donation of clothes, people always chuck out the clothes the kids have grown out of, so I thought someone would be kind enough to donate.

Someone came back to me straigh away, and said that I could collect them yesterday and all day i was saying to OH we needed to go out to get them. One thing lead to another and before we knew it, it was bed time and i was beat. As soon as i got online today i emaild and appologised for not collecting them and asked if it would be ok to collect them tomorrow as OH is in Bristol today in meetings.

I didnt get an answer, but got a post on the free-cycle board offering girls 9-12m clothes. I asked if it was close enough to walk to, and got a mail back saying sorry no. I noticed that the email addresses were the same and asked if the offer for clothes was withdrawn, and she said that as i didnt tell her, she was offereing them to someone 'who needed them'....

How infuriating.


  • Does she not understand that with 3 children 15 months and easier it's not that simple to pop out??!!

    That's a shame Sally, perhaps put the ad on freecycle again and see if someone else kindly offers xxx
  • agree with Tasha, if you put a post on mum of twins and toddler! They will certainly understand!! I hope you manage to get something. Im quite infuriated with my new pushchair but thats a whole nother story!!! XXX
  • Oh Nicola i thought you were pleased with the one you'd chosen, whats happened?? x x x
  • Sally i hate people that do things like that,i have had a few people on freecycle like that,i put in for something and get a reply to say i could collect but they would either go out or never give over their details so couldnt collect.

    Go to the mediator about it,give them the email address and say you were offered but she decided to re-post as you were unable to collect and tryed to rearrange another time,they do have a code of how they work,if not just get someone else to bid along with you for them,where abouts are you.

    9-12mths clothes always come up here for offer.
  • oh i know, its a nice double buggy but it has come with these seat liners which are fab for keeping it clean. But can I thread the harnesses through!!! It has driven me mad as I hate to be beaten by these things! Im just really tired. I bought it online too at boots (they are doing double points on pushchairs so got £14 in points!) so I can't take it back to them. Theres a good pram shop in the town where I work so will take it in there and get them to show me tomorrow. Its a maclaren one and I love their buggy's so should be good. Sorry to go on. Im soooo tired. Off to bed early tonight!!! XXX (I think I should have pm'd this rather than hijack sally's post and go on!!)
  • oh and as for freecycle I can't even seem to get registered on there!!! Otherwise I might have found myself a nice double buggy!!!! Rant over. Can you tell I am really overtired!!!
  • Nicola,

    Are you ok? Have you been at work today? I have and it was quiet which was unusual but made a nice change.

    How are your boys?

    Zoe xx
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