Hello Everyone!!

Afternoon girlies, How are we all today?? Hope you are all good. Im feeling a little bit c**p today so thought I would do a post and get some cyber hugs please!!!

Took my new buggy into a baby shop that I had bought loads of stuff in before to ask them how I fit the seat liners as there is no way I can get the straps through. The lady in there was horrible, felt like she was throwing me out and said she couldn't help as I hadn't bought it there. She just looked at me and said 'haven't you fitted a cosytoes before, its as simple as that'. Does she think I would have lugged a double buggy into town like an idiot if I didn't have too!! aaaargh. Thats better got it off my chest now, I won't be going back in there. I was looking at car seats as well in there for Luka. They are supposed to be a '1st Class Maclaren retailer as well!!!


  • Hi Nicola,

    Sending cyber hugs your way.

    I hate it when people can't or won't help, It's so frustrating and like you say put's you off going back and spending your money there. I hope someone can help you with your puschair.

    Anyway to answer your question, I'm ok. Just pottering about before I have to leave to collect the children, the house is silent at the minute, in about an hour that silence will be shattered, can't wait!!!!

    Zoe xx
  • oh how lovely, enjoy the peace whilst it lasts eh. The pushchair is ok, I just want to put the seat liners on to keep it clean, not too much to ask!! I think im still tired as well, so little things irritate or upset me at the mo! X
  • Hi Nicola and Zoe,

    We are just off out to the park. Hollie slept after breakast this morning for two hours so i scrubbed the whole kitchen, walls, tiles, cooker, fridge, freezer everything. I also hoovered the whole house, mopped the floors, dusted, polished and put a load on the line. It's amazing how quick i can get things done when she is asleep.

    Nicola, how did Luka sleep last night? I hope he was ok for you, Hollie slept right through until 7.15am. I was amazed as she had been a grouch all day so thought i was in for a hard night.
  • Wow, Karen you have been busy today. It is amazing how much you can get done when the children are asleep. You must feel better for what you have done.

    I hope you have a nice walk out. I'm off in 5 to get Charl from nursery then carry on to get Jack from school. He's requested pancakes for tea tonight and we've got to make an Easter bonnet for tomorrow!!

    Not sure how much i'll be on later as a result.

    Zoe xx
  • Hi Karen,
    Wow, you've been busy!! Luka woke at 3.45am, but I fed him, gave him some cough medicine and he went back down til 7am. I then kicked Terry out of bed with him, and I stayed there til 8am!! V.naughty.
  • Ahh hun what a horrible woman (((( )))) bid hugs to ya.
    Hope you feeling better now.

  • That woman sounds awful, it wouldn't have hurt her to be helpful.

    Sending you a big cyber hug !!!!!!
  • Sending you big cyber hugs Nicola!!
    That woman sounds horrible asnd definately doesn't deserve your custom.

    I don't know if it helps but there is a maclarens facory (uk head quarters i think) in my mums village!!! I know they have a service that repairs old maclarens buggies so it might be that they have a help line too just thought it might be worth looknig into. The village is called Long Buckby in Northamptonshire.

    We've had a nice but quiet day just as we were leaving for tots this morning we had a call yto say it wasn't on because it's holy week due to easter!! So we stayed in until ethans music this afternoon. I now can't get motivated to do any jobs!!! x x x
  • hi girls. Bless him, Terry has text me to say he has called Maclaren and they have told him to just perservere and the buckles will go through!!! He has done one for me. Its so cold today, and set to get even colder. Snow for Saturday apparently!!
  • Silly woman! I hate it when people are unhelpful. I bet she wasn't even busy was she?!?!

    Karen, it would have taken me all day to do all that! Did you become Wonder-Woman when you gave birth? Hope the same happens to me

  • Nicola, I had a similar problem when I got my M&P buggy, with the cosytoes. The hole seemed too small for the buggy clip to go through.
    I got really cross with it and was going to take it back, but I just put a tiny little cut in it and it was fine with a bit of wriggling.

    What a nasty woman in the shop. Would'nt have hurt her just to advise you. Silly cow!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Zoe, it was so much easier with Hollie asleep as i didnt have to keep checking what she was up to. She has been so good bless her, i had nearly finished when she woke up, but she stayed in her swing chatting away while i cleaned.

    Nicola, I'm glad you had a better night with Luka, and that Terry took him for you to have a lie in. I had a lie in this morning too because when we got up Hollie was still asleep.

    Sally, it really needed doing and i had nothing else to do so i did it lol. I was in fact worse when i was pregnant, i had to clean everything. Last summer i had a really bad nesting instinct and it didnt help that we moved house when i was 5 months pregnant. So it gave me an excuse to clean everything in sight all summer.

    I hope everyone has had a nice day. Hollie and i went to the park this afternoon, it was just round the corner and very nice. She went in the swwing and loved it, so i took some pictures for her dadi to see when he got in.
  • Evening Girls, what a busy lot you've been.

    Karen - my gosh if you want to do some more cleaning - my doors are always open!

    Nicola - what a stupid moo - does it hurt to help nowadays?
  • Hi Girls, The woman was sitting there in the shop doing nothing. They really irritate me in there. They are the only baby shop in Tunbridge Wells apart from mothercare and so they do tend to treat people how they like as theres no where else to go. Anyway, I think im just a bit easily upset at the mo. I will tackle the other seat liner tomorrow!!!!
    What do you have planned for this evening/tomorrow? Terry's just making my dinner as the little ones are in bed. Tomorrow im having my carpets cleaned so that will be nice and off to toddlers in the morning xxx
  • Nicola, it is terrible the way people think they can treat you. I hope you manage to get the seat liner done.
    Enjoy your tea, i hope little Luka sleeps well again for you tonight so you can catch up on sleep.

    Sarah, i am so tired after cleaning, i have just finished ironing 2 machine loads. Hollie is creating loads more washing now she is weaning, bless her. I have had enough of cleaning for one day, but i do like cleaning so would happily do yours. It's a shame you aren't closer else i would do it he he!!! (I wouldnt really)!
  • well I just kicked my glass of wine over on the wooden floor. Smashed everywhere, so having my mop and bucket out at 9.30 is not really what I wanted to be doing!!! Even though Terry says I have OCD with all the cleaning I do. I think I deserve another glass. Terry's turn to get up with Luka tonight. He's not working the next few days xxx
  • ((((Big cyber hugs)))))!!!
    ho pants is that??? why do people hae to be so rude? makes e cross.
    hope you are feeling a little better now hun.

    karen, i agree with the others, you can come clean here if you like. Although i got quite a bit done this morn. Niamh went to playschool (she missed monday so said to bring her today), and Tara slept for 2 HOURS!!!, so i took the opportunity to start the cleaning, and done the kitchen and polishing and made dinner for tonight.

    hope you are all well
    kas xx
  • Kas, Thankyou for the offer but i dont have the energy today lol. I think i am still tired after cleaning yesterday, but Hollie is asleep so just going to give a quick clean round then hopefully sit down and catch up on pp posts.

    Nicola, Ian thinks the same of me especially when i was pregnant as i had a really bad nesting instinct right the way through. But now im not as bad, propably because Hollie keeps me busy.
  • Nicola, i think Gillan wishes i would have ocd then a bit more cleaning would get done!!!!

    how are you today? x x x
  • Hi tasha im ok today thanks, typing one hand with luka on my lap. how are you?
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