the worst day EVER!!!

well apart from being sick this morning, the morning was ok

then as the sun was shining decided to go to the park

what a stupid idea that was

wel we get ther finally after an hours walking - my hips hurt

do the feed the ducks and the play area thing then go to the loo then go to walk home

gets to the beginnng of the footpath a good 20 mins from the play area when i realise i am missing my handbag

so even tho im in pain from my pgp irush back to where i was as fast as i cud and see these ladies at the start of the trail, who say they'll help me ( they were sisters doing running) cue me crying!

and they go look one side of the lake for me i went the other and we met at the bridge i then realise where i last had it, - in the toilets - and think its never going to still be there when they check there were loads of mums there - but lo and behold the one of them comes round the corner holding my bag

mean while im rushing and crying from the thought of losing my mums phone i ddnt care about the money

but as a thank you to the ladies apart from a huge hug, i tried to give them some money but they wudnt take it but boy was i glad to have it back

anyway when i get walking home im in excrutiating agony

and when i got home after an hour and half i managed to do roberts nappy and put him to bed

and took some pain killers and went to bed

when mart got home he woke me up and i was oh sooooooooooooooooo dizzy so bad the room spins

and im still dizy and in alot of pain now but the dizzyness is not so bad,

omg i wrote an essay sorry!

but the next time the sun shines remind me not to go to the park alone!


  • Oh dear Claire, sounds like a day to forget!!!

    Hope you feel better tomorrow xx
  • Oh no how awful! Hope tomorrow is a brighter day
  • yes ladies i cant wait to go to bed for sleep so i can wake up NOT crying from the pain

    Tomorrow i have to go to town for my wages out the bank but WILL be catching the bus!

  • Claire sorry to hear you have had a bad day. I hope things are better tomorrow but i am glad you got your bag back.

  • You poor thing.
    Rest up and take it easy over Easter if you can.
  • oh Claire, poor you. What a day eh? And theres me money about my bloody pushchair seat liners, and a spilt glass of wine!!! I remember when I had my spd and tate had fallen over trying to carry him and push the buggy round sainsburys I burst into tears saying I can't do this anymore. I was so upset this girl got my phone out and rang Terry to come and get me!!! XXXX
  • Oh hun,i do hope that it would go away for you,theres nothing worse than being unable to be mobile let alone have to deal with a lil nipper to.

    Rest up and hope you get a good nights sleep.

  • hey ladies

    i managed to get a good few hours sleep , but not afull night

    im still dizzy but no where near as bad as i was yesterday
    and still in alot of pain , i can barely walk, and i have to take ratbag to nursary in a minute!

    im ringing my midwife and physio when i get back cause i just cant take this anymore

    thing is on sunday we're going to bristol zoo ! its for my cousins birthday and her daughters first all in 1
    at least theres benches all over the place!
  • Oh dear Claire, sorry you had such a bad day yesterday and are still feeling bad today.

    Hope the midwife and physio can help you out a bit

    Take care xx
  • Hi Claire. So sorry you are having a bad time of it, I didn't suffer that badly from pelvic pain but I did suffer as I carried Catalina so very low the whole way through and my advice would be to rest as much as you can around the kids and housework and work, sit as much as you can, on a nice soft squishy cushion if possible, ask for stronger pain killers (I was given paracetomol and codeine which was a bit more potent) and if you can get your mum / MIL / friend / relative to do the ironing so much the better. And take the bus or drive rather than walking.

    Good luck and I do hope you get some help. N. xx
  • o dear, tommorrow is another day though lets just hope ots a better on for you!!!
  • Hope everything goes ok at the zoo,sit as much as you can,best of luck hun.

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