How can i resist??!

Ethans come home from play group today with a movie he'd 'starred' in! He sat in a little car that moved and was in front of a screen playing a film of animated mini beasts, the idea was that he'd been shrunk and was driving around the garden like a jungle!! It's so cute and Ethan was fantastic but it's £20 and money is tight and the moment, i think i'm going to try and convince Gillan to smoke roll ups for a week then we can buy it!! Even better he could give up!!!!

Oh dear, and it'll be school photos next term!!


  • My firends little boy had that done and it is really good, i bet Gillan can't say no!
  • I hope Gillan doesnt say no then you can get it. It will be a great thing to keep and show Ethan when he is older.
  • Tasha, Gillan has to say yes to this. It's not everyday your son is the star in a movie.

    I hope you are all ok. Is Amber ok after last night?

    Zoe xx
  • Tasha

    We had those done at school a couple of years ago, they're really fab!!!!

    Gillan you have to say yes!!!!!
  • Tasha thats lovely,hope he lets you get it.

    On the up of things my lil man has mastered the toilet properly,he can now stand on tip toes and wee,but still like to perch himself on the edge when needed.

  • oh tash, you def have to get it, and if gillan says no, tell us and me n caroline will convince him otherwise on sunday. Please, please bring the film with you, id love to see it. sounds so fab.
    (not long till sunday now )
    kas xx
  • Kas, I was just about to say that I am sure between us we could gentley "persuade" gillan!!!!
  • That sounds fab Tash!

    I'm sure if he says No as Caroline and Kas said I'm sure they can pursuade him lol
  • Tasha, if Gillan says no because of money, how about buy it but keep it back, and then that could be Gillan's fathers day pressie sorted!!!

    Oh, and I could also burn a copy for me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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