Good morning!!!

Hello girls,

How are you all this morning? Do you have any plans for the day or for this weekend?

We have no plans today, i need to clean and iron whilst Hollie has her nap. Then we might go out this afternoon. It is extremely windy here today and not very nice at all.
And i accidentally switched Hollie's radiator off last night so she woke up at 5.30 because she was freezing. So she has been awake most of that time, fell asleep just before Ian's alarm went off and woke back up again.

Karen xx


  • Hiya Karen

    We're fine this morning, Cameron's napping at the moment because he woke too early. Not up to much today, it's really windy here too so i think we'll just have a quiet one! I really should make a start on some chores, but i can't get motivated.

    Tomorrow Camerons half brother is coming to visit. We aren't doing anything special as we only found out on Wed that they're coming over and John's on call, but it'll be nice for the boys to spend some time together.
    Have you any plans for this weekend?

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!!
    Catch up later xx
  • Good Morning!!

    Today is the day that we 3 become 2 again!! Garetn has to catch his train this afternoon to take him to the airport when he has a hotel room booked ready for his flight early tomorrow morning!

    Once we have dropped him off at the station, Bronwyn and I are going food shopping at asda! We are having an early night tonight as we are heading off to Bedford tomorrow for a family christening on sunday morning on Gareth's side and then on sunday afternoon I am going to terrorise Kas, Ant, Tara, Niamh, Tasha, Ethan, Amber and GILLAN!!!!

    On monday I am going to have a long chat with Zoe!!!!! At some point in all this I have numerous loads of washing to do and I also need to do some housework!!!! Oh joy!!

    Hope you all have a good weekend if I don;t get to chat to you later!!

  • Hi Dawn,

    That will be really nice to spend some time with Lee. How old is he? You have said before but i cant remember. Do you see him a lot then?

    We have no plans for this weekend, just a nice quiet one i think. I need to do the chores too, but keep popping on and off here. I am just about to bath Hollie as she has spread her breakfast everywhere, then i will b/feed her and put her down for a nap....i hope anyway.

  • Caroline - I can't believe it's time for Gareth to leave again, it's passed so quick. I've already said in another post, but i hope you have a great weekend with Tasha and Kas and a good day with Zoe on Monday!!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your day with Gareth xx

    Karen - It'll be lovely to see Lee again, he's 11 and we really don't see as much of him as we would like to. He absolutely adores Cameron so it'll be great to see them together, and he'll be so pleased that he's finally crawling!!!!
  • Caroline, it sounds like you have a very busy weekend ahead of you. I hope you enjoy it all. xx
  • Wow! Busy weekend caroline! I hope that gareth gets off safely, how long til he's next back?

    I am meeting up with lots of family today, as is our family tradition to meet up on good friday for a big lunch! am picking up tasha and the kids from my Nanas house so that they can come too! I really wanted them to come just so that i can give amber her easter present from me myself!! It's an ITNG shape sorter! Should be a good day, as long as it stops snowing! it's been on and off here since 7!!

    Anyone else got snow?!!
  • Dawn i hope you all enjoy spending time with Lee. Cameron will love seeing him.

    Em, We dont have any snow here. I hope you enjoy your day with your family. I bet Amber will love the ITNG shape sorter. Have fun.

  • Hi all we went to the zoo today,weather held out till we got home then it rained.Had a nice day to.

    Caroline hope gareth gets off ok.
  • sounds like you are all having lovely days. We have had a fairly quiet one. Mainly as the weather is soooo cold we haven't been out apart from to do big sainsbury's shop. We are going out tomorrow as Tom has saved the money for his DS so hopefully we can get that somewhere. And then going to a playcentre as the kids haven't been out so much as either been unwell this week or the weather has been really awful. No snow here, we've had a couple of hailstorms though. Im glad the weather held out for you at the zoo Emma. And hope Gareth got off ok Caroline xxxx
  • hi all,
    sounds like everyones had fairly relaxed days.
    we were the same, did a bit of shopping but doing the main one tomorrow.
    chilled this aft. no plans really for tomorrow, (just getting ready for my guests at the weekend).

    and very much looking forward to seeing tash, caroline, gillan and all the kids on sunday.

    hope all your weekends go well
    kas xx
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