FAO Caroline, Tasha and Kas

I know you're all meeting up on Sunday and in case i'm not on much over the weekend i just wanted to say i hope you all have a great time together!!!!!

I can't wait to hear all about it!!

Take care xx


  • Me too, i hope you all have fun. And make sure you take some puctures for us all to see.


  • Have a great time, post piccies asap!! x x
  • Thnaks ladies, I am sure we will have a fab time, will try and remember to take lots of piccies!!!

    Thanks for the reminder Emma, must put my camera on charge!!!
  • ahh, thanks guys, am v much looking forward to it. will take piccies def, but it'll have to be with tash and carolines cameras, (still not got a replacement for our broken one).

    thanks for thinking of us though
    you all have a fab weekend too
    kas xx
  • Ohhhhhhh i wish i was coming!

    Have a great day and Caroline don't eat Gillan alive!lol
  • Hope you girls have a fab time on Sunday!!!

    Can't wait to see the pictures! I'm so jealous!!!! x
  • Sorry Dawn, i've only just seen this post!!!!!

    Thanks i'm really looking forward to it too! Ethan can't wait, he's desperate to see his girlfriend, Niamh!! I think Gillan may be getting a little nervous about meeting Caroline, i think he'll blush the entire time we're there!!!! xxx

    Ps, will take my camera and post pics!!!!
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