morning zoe!!

Good morning Zoe,
how are you this morn? looks like we are the unfurtunate ones to have a nice early morn today.
How are Jack and Charl doing? hows Charl doing in her new room?

Niamhs started getting up at 5.50 every morn, but will come into bed with us and wait until the clock says 6, so im thinking of getting her a clock for her room, and tell her she has to wait till it says half 6 or 7. not sure if it'll work but its worth a go lol.

we havent chatted in ages. Any news? Any plans for the weekend?

kas xx


  • Morning Kas,

    Sorry for delay been on the phone to NHS direct, problems with Charlotte!! Just waiting for a nurse to call me back. I thought I was doing well with her not showing signs of being poorly thursday/ friday but then last night she had the most horrendous coughing fit and hasn't been right since. Will just have to see what the nurse says.

    Anyway other than that we are ok, hope you are too.

    Charl loves her room and is sleeping better although still not through the night. The last three weeks she's had 2 sickness bugs, a bout of the runs and now this!! Can you tell she's recently started nursery??!!

    Jack is growing up fast. He loves school and is developing well, we have a parents evening on thursday so i'm looking forward to hear what the teacher says.

    We had planned a quiet weekend as the last few have been bug ridden, looks like this weekend will be no different. James is going Stock car racing on Monday, Jack was going to go but the forecast isn't too good so he'll have to stay at home.

    Have you any plans?
  • Good Morning Ladies!!

    I have been up since 6.30 too!!! The wind is shocking, its actually picked up my garden swing and dumped it upside down!!! I am hoping and praying that its not broken!!

    Kas, trust me to pick such a horrendous weekend to decide to drive all over the country!!!

    Oh no Zoe!! Poor Charlotte! I hope she's OK!! It's not croup is it? My niece has just had that, as has my friends little girl! I hope you get her sorted soon!!
  • Hi Caroline,

    How are you this morning?

    They think it might be croup so I need to keep an eye on her and watch her breathing. The nurse was lovely and has given me some good advice and has told me to ring back tomorrow if I'm still concerned or ring at any time if she gets worse over the course of today. She's really been through it lately, her body must wonder what on Earth is going on.

    I hope the swing is ok. We have a watering can making it's way around our garden which Jack is laughing at.

    Have a safe journey when you travel, and have fun meeting the others tomorrow.

    xx Zoe xx
  • Morning girls, Luka has slept through til 6.30 two mornings in a row!! I went to bed at 10, and so ive had 8hrs sleep!!!! I haven't had that in months. So great. Luka has a horrible chesty cough Im quite worried about. He's eating okish but terrible with drinking even his milk. I think he's finding it hard to breath and drink at the same time. I just want some warmer weather so we can shift these bugs.

    Hope Charl is ok Zoe, and Caroline have a great w.end on your travels. Take care in the bad weather xxxx
  • Did they tell you to sit Charl in a steamy room?? That is what they had told my friend and niece, that and the magic cure all "calpol"!!

    Bronwyn has a cold and is teething!! Oh what a fab conbination for our weekend away!!
  • Yes they did tell me Caroline, and to put a wet towel on the radiator. I did take Charl into the bathroom at about 1 this morning and put the shower on, it did seem to help and she requested it the further 5 times she woke coughing so she must of felt better from it.

    How long were the children poorly for? Do you know out of interest. I was told about 4-5 days.
  • I think it lasted about 4 days with my niece and 3 with my friends baby. The baby needed to be taken to hospital over night as a precaution!

    Bronwyn is being very stroppy this morning!!
  • Oh dear, that must of been frigtening for your friend.

    Is Bronwyn missing Gareth?
  • Morning All!

    Zoe, i'm sorry poor little Charlottes poorly again it really is one thing after another isn't it? Ethan often suffers with croup usually started off by a cold steaming them with a shower works a treat and one doctor told me that a short blast of cold air outside can also work a treat!! We invested in a humidifyer it was about £40 but as he's reapeatedly had croup it's been well worth it. We've found with Ethan that his tend to last about 2 days.

    Caroline, have a safe journey, can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!

    Hope everyones having a nice morning??! x x x
  • Good morning!!!

    Zoe - sorry Charlotte's feeling so poorly again, hopefully she'll start to build up a resistance to all the bugs soon.

    Cameron and i are leaving soon to pick up papa and then go on to do the food shopping, then this afternoon Lee's coming over. It's not so wild here today, yesterday was awful!!

    Enjoy the rest of your day and Caroline i hope you have a safe journey xx
  • Morning All! Zoe, how is Charlotte now? Hopefull it will be a bit better during daytime, William was when he had it, we then had to really dose him up ready for the night. Hope she gets over it soon x x
  • Thanks girls.

    It's the first time i've had to deal with it as it's one illness Jack hasn't had. She seems ok, but the nurse said that would be the case and that nightime is worse. We are having a quiet day today then early evening i'm going to take Charlotte upstairs with me for a long shower and give her the maximum dose of Calpol before bed and hope that works. She is very quiet which isn't her so I know she's feeling rotten, also she's not eating and Charlotte loves her food so another sign she really is unwell. One thing is that with all these illnesses now, she'll probably never have a day off school!! Here's hoping.

    I hope you all have good days.

    Zoe xx
  • You're right zoe, at least she's getting through all the germs and bugs now!! Bless her! Have a good day x x
  • Zoe, really sorry to hear Charlotte is feeling poorly again, i hope she gets over it quickly xx
  • Zoe i hope charlotte is feelong better soon and that she will soon fight all these illnesses off so that she can enjoy nursery. Like you say better to get them all now, then her body can build up an immunty to them.

    Caroline, i hope Bronwyn is better soon too. We have been up since 5.30 and Hollie is also teething today so is also very stroppy.

    Dawn, enjoy your time with Lee this afternoon.

    We aren't up to much this weekend. Ian has gone down to the fire depot again to work, so Hollie and i might go out later if the wind dies down a bit. Tomorrow Ian will cook a sunday dinner then we are going to go up to Porthcawl beach as the fair and arcades are open over easter.

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