Happy Easter



  • Hiya Gracey

    Happy Easter!!!!!!

    We're all fine thanks, having a nice quiet weekend.
    How are you and the boys?
  • Happy easter to everyone for tomorrow.
    We have got riley some transformers instead of an egg as he would like them much more,plus his got a few eggs on the way.
    Me and adi treated ourselves to one big egg to share.
    The local chocolate shop has made a humpty bumpty huge chocolate egg,i mean this thing need a sack barrow to move it and its current cost is almost 90 quid,it by a company called minerva chocolates.
  • happy easter ladies

    hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow

    we're going to bristol zoo
  • Ohh have fun,our yearly pass allows us to go to many different zoos,would love to visit them all,i can even go to edinbrougher zoo(speling!)if we were ever up that way.
  • Happy Easter girls!!! !!

    Ethans got an impressive selection already and gillan and i have 4 between us too!!!
    I'm so looking forward to spending easter sunday with kas and caroline!!!

    I saw this article on the worlds most expensive easter eggs anbd other chocolate on my sky email homepage so thought i'd share it with you!!
  • O.M.G. who in ther right mind would buy a diamond incrusted easer egg.
  • THis is minervas site have a nose,they havent got humpty on there but when im next in town,if his still there i wiil get a snap shot of him.

  • Emma if i was going to spend that much on easter i'd skip the diamonds and buy a mountain of chocolate!!!

    will take a look at that site now!
  • Wow that looks like a lovely shop emma!! they do have humpty on it, if you look under shop display! He's huge!! xxx
  • Oh thanks tasha,should have guessed that realy.
    His about 3inch thick hence the weight,last year they did just an egg whick was bigger.

    By the way has anyone tryed the kitkat senses yet,its rather yum.
  • Morning ladies


    hope everyone enjoys their choccies.

    have agreat day
    kas xx
  • Happy Easter!!

    Hope you all have a good day today, don't eat too much chocolate!!

    Zoe xx
  • Happy Easter!!!

    Did anyone else wake up to a blanket of snow??!! It feels more like christmas here!!!!
  • Happy Easter everyone!!!
    Nope no snow here (thank goodness)
  • Hi Tasha,

    Same here, I can't believe it's white over on Easter Sunday!!

    Have a good day.

    Zoe xx
  • Happy Easter girlies!!!! Luka is sitting in his highchair with his easter bunny. Tate has had a little egg from his bucket, and tom is rapidly downing his cereal so he can have something.

    Wasn't on much yesterday and had neighbours round last night, so loads of posts to catch up on!! Hope you all have a fab day. No snowhere xxxx
  • Happy Easter to you all.

    It is snowing here today and looks like it is settling.

    Tash, Kas and Caroline i hope you have a lovely time meeting today and please take lots of pictures xx
  • Happy easter to you all.

    We had a little bit of snow falling yesterday when we are at the park. Hollie was on the baby swing but it started snowing so we left. But no snow today it is very sunny here, but also very windy and cold.

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