What riley made

I had got my egg mould and me and riley made the egg,when i asked him who it was for he said chantelle,so i gave him the icing tubes and helped him creat this,his well chuffed.It was in the fridge setting as we only iced it this afternoon.
Sorry for the size but photobucket are playing up.




  • Well girlies thats me dont tonight,we have an early start in the morning so off for some good sleep(will be disterbed tho)
    Nite all.
  • Emma,

    I love Riley's egg. How lovely of him to do it for Chantelle. He's such a sweetie.

    Hope you have a good Easter, It's white over here!

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • what a gorgeous egg.....................

    wheres mine???!!!!!
  • What a little sweetie!

    Have a nice day - it may even involve a little snowman making?
  • What a lovely egg and that was really nice of him to make it for chantelle, i bet she will love eating all that chocci.
  • That is so sweet Emma, I hope Chantelle enjoys it and shares it with her cousin xxxxx
  • Awwwww thats so sweet
  • Fantastic Emma & Riley, you really are so creative! x
  • That's lovely Emma, he is so sweet making that for his little cousin. I hope she enjoys it and gives a little bit to Riley after he worked so hard to make it. I bet you both had fun, i cant wait til Hollie is a bit older to make cakes and biscuits etc.
  • oh thats so good Emma!

    Chantelle is going to love her egg!!!
  • Thanks girls,we have sent the egg home with my mum but havent gone ouselves as the weathers bad and dont want to be stuck for getting home.

    Oh reminds me hope caroline and the girls meet up ok in this weather.
  • Think they are still meeting as tasha told me that the snow was starting to melt away there! I phoned her just as she was leaving so know that Tash has def gone! x
  • By the way, emma, how far do your mum and chantelle live from you then? Hope Riley's having a lovely day, has he got tons of eggs?
  • They have recently moved, i think it may be around 15+miles,they are near the sea front,but the trains would get cancelled if it snoes any harder and the only other person to get me is his mum or dad but both hate driving in the snow.

    Funny you say about tons off eggs he only got 3 but everyone else has sent over money so he can buy himself something,which is nice.
  • That happened to my kids last year as all my family said that they were sure that the kids would have tons so gave them pressies instead so they only ended up with two each! this year they have ten+!!!!
  • OMG,that will keep them going for a while.

    Me and adi got an egg to share,its a big lindt one looks like a gient ferrero rocher,was ment to be 35pound but it was down at 17pound,expensice i no but we would have probably spent that getting seperate eggs,anyway when we opened this morning there was a pot inside like a toy,when i opened it there was a rose coloured bracelet with the lindt bunny charm with coloured stones,it was realy lovely,then we sussed why it was the price it was.
  • Oh WOW! that sounds so fab! Is it huge? that's going to last you!
  • I hope so,its realy yum.
  • Emma that sounds like a really nice egg, i hope you both enjoy it. My sister has bought Hollie an easter egg, which made me mad as i didnt really want one for her. She cant eat it and i did say that i didnt want anyone to buy her an egg until next year. She doesnt know its easter and it will take a whole year for her to get through them otherwise.
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