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Slight O/T - how to do 'man' things!! Lol!

OK I like to think I grew up in a very liberal household where my dad did cooking and stuff! But since I became a single mum I realised I know NOTHING about 'man's jobs'. I've never put up a picture in my life, never used a screwdriver or a spanner, never put oil in my car....frig i'd never even killed a spider!! .... never changed a light bulb ...EVER...there's a huge list believe me. Simply because I'm only 21, and until I was 19 I lived with either dad or mum & they did it, then I lived with my ex and he did it. But I'm starting to think - I have to learn! I don't know what a fuse box is or anything like that. Anyway this morning got up & my tyre totally flat. I split from ex 2 months ago and I've *kind of* got some1 else but very very casual anyway he was there & put my spare tyre on for me but I'd have been stuck completely if I was on my own!!! I want to know this stuff! But how do I learn?? Does anyone know? Do men just grow up knowing this stuff from birth?!


  • I drop heavy books on them, it's too scary to do anythin else. Having said that my ex was more scared of them then I am!! lol
  • Ah hon, I was the same as you - I'm 38 and I have lived: at home/with fellow students/ with friends/boyfriends and now hubby! It is amazing how reliant I am on dh for all those man jobs.

    I just about know where the fuse box is now and I learnt how to turn off the mains water the other day (we have been here over 18mths!). If I have a flat tyre I call out the AA.

    You get to know these things simply by doing them - dealing with problems as they arise, you will learn it through necessity! What you need is a man (or a list of afew men) who you can call on in an emergency, bat your eyelids at them and act the helpless female (if that's not insulting to you) then get them to show you how to do it.

    Plus you need a girly toolbox - i started on mine when I moved into my first student house, and it was great!

    ps. I can't kill spiders - I have to catch them and put them outside lol. Pint glass and a card.

    Oh - and I think dads must take their sons aside and show them from an early age how to do this stuff - and then they swear an oath not to pass it on to us lol!
  • I bought a book (from the pound shop titled 500 most common diy jobs. And it is filled with colour photos and step by step directions. It's good because it makes a list of tools and ect you need and it's written very much like a recipe book. It has everything about fuses, and picture hanging and stuff. I will go upstairs and have a root around for the title, but I'd have a look for a book like this as it has been absolutely invaluable.

    Just a note about putting pictures up, don't just start hammering at walls. You need an electronic wire finder to ensure you don't electrocute yourself.

  • a good rule of thumb re the above is to never put anything up directly above plug sockets, wires tend to run vertically up from themimage
  • Hello,
    Im 23 and my husband has made me learn things lol!

    Spiders - I cant kill them, I either hoover them or brave myself and put a tin/jar over them, a piece of paper or card to cover the top then throw out the window.
    Learnt light bulb a long time ago. I was told to sit in darkness if I didnt know how
    Oil - I had to learn as part of my driving test.
    tyres - my husband taught me about 6 mths ago when we had to take all the alloys off my car when it got written off. He made me change 2! My sister and I took 1 hr to change her flat tyre. To get the nuts out we were using our hands in teh rain. Didnt realise we could use our feet! Was very funny though! I ahve a better understanding how to change a tyre, but I will use a man or help at any oppurtunity I can! In would get your friend to teach you. There is a video on you tube in case your stuck lol!

    pictures - leave that to oh as knowing me it would be off centre lol! Leave DIY to the oh.

    Dads teach theirs sons. My husband lived on a farm so hes my diy man come basci plumber come electrician. I do housework he does DIY!
  • Oh I'm hopeless at 'man's jobs - my mum's disgusted as she lived alone for 10 years before meeting my Dad and liked to think I;d cope the same - no way!

    I remeber my first year at uni the lightbulb went in my room - I went to housekeeping and they gave me a bulb! I had to ask one of the lads to change it for me but made sure I watched exactly so I;d know myself for next time!

    I can just about handle spiders, and can know how to flick the switch on the box if a fuse goes, as long as that;s all it is - I used to be able to check car oil, water etc (when living away at uni boyfriend used to go on at me to check it before coming home) but leave it up to him with current car. I have absolutley no idea how to work a lawn mower though - I really feel I should learn as it can't be that hard.

    My excuse is that my Dad is useless at 'man's jobs', so who did I have to teach me? Mum thinks I should just figure it out. And hubby is actually quite handy and wouldn't want me interfering and messing it up!

    If you don't have car breakdown cover though, or someone you can call, I'd definitely recommend getting it - I have to say when I had a flat tyre once, I didn't even notice, another driver told me, I pulled straight into a car park and phoned hubby, he was very amused I didn't even know which tyre it was!
  • lol lara we are not great to be honest (email me if u want details, its quite sensitive subj) my ex has gone nuts on me because of this other guy, even tho it's been nearly 3 months since we split (gone so quick!) I may have to look out for that how to get a new tyre for my car...its so annoying cos when I was with the ex, his bro in law is a mechanic, so I guess none of us ever worried about roadside cover etc, plus my ex (tho unqualified) was quite a decent mechanic himself & always serviced my car. xxxxxx
  • Just a thought YMGM, we bought RAC cover this year with Tesco clubcard points - might be worth looking at if you've got a clubcard, and then it feels free!
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