New girl saying hi

Hi there everyone.
I'm Nadja. I am married with a 19mth old son (Cam).
I'm also feeling mega broody as I have done since DS was 8 mths old !!
I love being at home, playing and learning (and sometimes if the mood catches me - being a housewife LOL)
I moved from Yorkshire to Scotland last summer and don't know many people here.
Looking forward to trawling the boards !


  • hi Nadja,im Gayle,27 and i have a son who is partner and i recently got engaged,and we r ttc baby no2.where abouts in Scotland do u live? Gayle xx
  • hello!
    i????m amanda i live in torremolinos, spain. i????ve got a daughter who just turned two and i am married to paco. we are ttc 2nd baby too. My mum????s english (from chesterfield) and my dad????s spanish, i was born in spain so that????s why i live out here!
    hope we keep in touch!
    amanda xxx
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