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Please help....Hoovers!!

Our hoover is broken and we desperately need a new one but me and OH can't decide!!

I don't want to spend more than ??80 but OH has his heart set on a dyson ball and I dont think he will have anything else. The cheapest i can find the dyson for is ??199 imageimage

Does anyone have the dyson and is it worth the money? Or (pleease!) does anyone have anything else thats well worth getting but a bit cheaper. I think we will be buying a cheap car and outhouse hoover as well as I think that's how I wore out my old one using it for house/car/outhouse etc. We dont have pets but I want something very powerful as ds is sooooo messy x


  • omg i sooo couldn't imagine living without my dyson ball, we bought the big one as opposed to the compact one as i hoover lots and lots. we did a trade in at currys, a few months ago they were offering 25% dicount if you brought in your old hoover, i had one of the cylinder dysons that was intended for carpet, but now have laminate everywhere downstairs and found it didn't pick up to well. so i swapped my old dyson with my sister who had a cheapy ??15 tesco value thing and traded that in for about ??70 off our dyson. xxx
  • Hi we have a VAX its the same sort of design as a dyson but made by vax its fab i love it ....we have had it since 2002 and *touch wood* it has been fab image never had any problems at all with it image xx
  • Hate, hate hate VAX!! Sorry Aerosmith - just got rid of ours. Had it almost 2 years from brand new, and it was constantly breaking and struggling even though I only have a small house and carpets are old so not very thick.

    When it ate my landing carpet (!!!!!) I decided enough was enough; I bought a dyson (not a ball one though) in Argos' sale and its fab. Picks up so much its unbelievable (and both scary and embarrassing) which just shows how bad the vax was as its left all this stuff in my carpets.

    Its so light to use, so powerful and wonderful! Will never go back to anything else (have also had a Henry, a Hoover hoover & used my sister's vax which was so un-powerful it was rediculous despite being new). Hated all of them but love the dyson, plus they have a 5 year guarantee so you know you're covered. My mam has one thats 8 years old and going strong.
  • Hi, we have a Dyson stowaway and I absolutely love it! If it broke tomorrow I would go straight out and buy another - Dyson's are soooooo worth the money.

  • Have to say I have a "Hetty" hoover which is the pink version of the Henry and I love it. Its lightweight and gets up everything- I've had it for 2 years nearly and I would never change it. I don't think it was overly expensive either about ??90 from Comet.x
  • i also love our dyson so worth the money
  • Another Dyson fan here, mines about 8 now and still going strong. x
  • I don't like dysons, my handle broke 3 times, mil's one lost suction, though they weren't meant to do that?

    I've now got a samsung bagless I love it, it's very very light weight and small easy for taking up stairs and has loads of suction.
  • Im a dyson fan, I did a trade in at currys a few months ago too which was great to save a few pennies. thought i would get a ball but they dont have the same capacity so i got a classic one instead, but if you want something more lightweight get the ball one! i think they are worth the money and they last for years and years, i think a lot of people who have had problems with them dont realise you can get replacement parts really easily online, which is worthwhile as they are so expensive to replace completely, also make sure you clean the filter every few months. but dyson all the way for me image
  • another hetty/henry fan here. xxx
  • Well we bit the bullet today and bought the Dyson ball (the smaller one). We just couldnt agree so went halves on it (??80 off at argos). I just tried it out on the living room floor which had not been vacuumed for a good week as I said we couldnt decide lol. It didn't look too bad to me but even so the dust compartment of the new dyson is filling up and ive only done one room! There was tons of dust in it but no visible dust on the floor beforehand so it really is quite powerful. Only complaint is
    1- cable is quite short
    2- after paying such a lot of money I dont want to use it too much and especially not for cars!!!

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