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Not even had a proposal and we are going to look at venues!!

We have heard back from the wedding venue as you know we are trying to do it on a budget, anyway we can have the whole place for £2000 to ourselves for the day, which looking at the venue and for round here I think is fantastic. We are going to view it on Friday. Terry hasn't even proposed yet!!! I always do things in a strange way!!


  • OMG that looks amazing, i would love to get married somewhere like that. Can you get married in the venue as well, or will that be in church!
  • I love weddings, i'm a bit like monica from friends when it comes to planning things. I've already got a wedding file and full of ideas even tho no way we can afford it yet. Look forward to hearing all the details x
  • Nicola that is great, i hope he proposes soon that would be fantastic. xx
  • I don't think he will propose, I think we will just agree to get married. When we were out this morning, I popped into mothercare, when I came out he was looking in the jewellers!!! I have already said though that im not too bothered about an engagement ring. I would rather just put that towards the wedding. So we will see when we go on Friday for a look at the place.

    Simone, you get married at the venue as well so its all in one place. I liked it as plenty of grounds so the kids can play outside and i could get a bouncy castle or something to amuse them.

    Will of course keep you posted, i've wanted to marry Terry since the word go so you won't shut me up about it if we do go for it!! So sorry in advance!
  • Don't apologise! By the way have you been on the confetti website?
  • Nicola you shouldnt have to keep quiet about it, you must be well excited just looking at venues.
    I dont have an engagement ring either, because i proposed to Ian so i told him i dont want one. Like you i would rather the money go on the wedding. I am the same as you i wanted to marry Ian from the start too, so when we pick a day and organise it i am going to be really excited.
  • thanks I will look on the confetti website, If we go for this place we will need everything like glasses, tables, chairs (they do supply furniture but extra charge, may be cheaper elsewhere) so lots of bargain hunting to be done. Terry will make the cake and my friend is a florist, my brother a photographer so he will get a friend to do it cheap!
  • That website is great, i'm on it for ages just browsing. Look forward to hearing about it all x
  • Thanks once I now we are going for it, I will start looking. When are you getting married then?
  • Hi Nicola, That's so exciting that you're starting to plan the wedding and that venue looks amazing! Let us know how the vewing goes!

    Don't worry about gonig on about the wedding either we want to know all the details! I was a nightmare when i got married, it was all i could talk about!! xx
  • Wow that looks well worth the money.

    Oh i was in BHS and debenhams and they both have a sale on,inc the wedding dressed,and co-op shop have some nice white dresses in at the mo only 65 or 95 pound.
  • Oh Nicola, that's fab news!!!
    It looks like such an amazing venue!
    You'll have to keep us posted and don't worry about boring us with the details, we all love a good wedding!
  • thats a lovely place! we are looking further into it as its lovely and great value for money. can you get married there as well?
  • Emma im certainly coming to you for my bargain wedding tips. Im not too bothered about my dress theres so many places you can get them reasonably these days so I don't mind saving on this, im more interested in making it a beautiful day especially for Terry. I hope it happens. Im trying not to think about it too much at the mo.

    Hi Claire are you thinking of the same place then??? Yes you get married there which is ideal all the same venue.
  • Even tho its nice to have the stand out things its much more nice for the little things to.Did you get that link for the wedding company i posted a while back as they do so much for the men and all,i got the little pots of bubbles for the kids(white dove ones)and also the bonbinyaries(sp???)kit and got my own sugar almonds,and also cake boxes,its nice as you can have your names,day/date put on them.
  • I will go back and check Emma. I won't count my chickens till we agree to go for it and the venue is booked. Its a £1000 deposit to book and we've only got about half of that at the mo, so need to get hard saving.
  • Im sure when the time comes everything will fall into place.

    Hey i think we should go into business with weddings: planners,photographers,childcare,catering,ect would be a laugh.
  • How exciting Nicola please keep us posted.
  • We started to plan our wedding just before i fell pregnant so it's now on hold til we can sort it out, think i might like to be a wedding planner! Might investigate that further
  • It looks amazing.

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