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Mums in Bromley

Hiya, I'm from Canterbury, I'm also 31 and 23+3 with my first, due at the end of May, and cant wait..!!
how are things with u..?


  • hi firstbaba, sorry only just seen your reply.

    Things are good so far, fingers crossed. I seem to be having a text book pregnancy & apart from the usual tiredness everything is fine. How are you coping.? What due date have they given you?. I am supposed to be 22nd May but will be induced at 38 weeks so looking at 8th instead.
  • Lucky u, I would like my baba early! y r u being induced? I am also having a lovely pregnancy (touch wood), just hope the birth is ok..!! I'm due 31st May, having my 4d scan in 2 weeks, cant wait to see him. Do u know what ur having?
  • we found out at 20 weeks we are having a boy but I had a 26 weeks ultrasound the other day & she confirmed it again (although at first she couldn't be sure whch was a scare considering how much blue stuff I have bought already!!) I was going to do the 4d scan but have twice monthly ultrasounds cause I am diabetic so didn't want to have another one on top of those & get to see him every 2 weeks now anyway. Yes am abing induced which I am not looking forward to as it is supposed to be more painful but knowing the exact dates appeals to my control freak nature image Good luck with the scan, will be really wicked to see your baby so clearly.
  • We paid 4 a private scan at 17 weeks, then the hospital confirmed it at 21 weeks, I still worry tho, as, like u, my 2 bottom draws r full of blue!! We both so wanted a boy!! Which hospital will u b going to? do u work? I work full time (supposed to!) but with it being flexi I spend more time at home!
  • I will be at the Princess Royal uni in Farnborough. I work full time too but from home so it isnt too bad but sitting at the desk all day gives me cronic bum & back ache. I will be trainingg my replacement over the next couple of weeks & once thats done I can start taking it easier. I have my mat leave booked for 5th April, when do you start yours?
  • Morning, got my maternity pack this morning, I may b being hopeful but I'm hoping to have a weeks holiday then start maternity leave 3rd week of May, I'm due 31st May, I guess I'd rather have longer off with my baba, but then I'd like some time to myself so I really dont know..! I work flexi and tend to spend more time at home so its not exactly hard work!! have u done a birth plan? not sure its really used, I just dont want epidural!! strating reflexology next week and aqua natal, hoping anything that may help with the pain will help..!! What is the work u do?
  • i'm due on 22nd may but will be induced 2 weeks early so actually start mat leave on 30th april but have 3 weeks annual leave so quite nice to be off for a whole month before. I work for an investment bank but they are big on home working after the london bombing (I used to sit directly over liverpool street station & was there the day the July 7th bombs were going off!!)

    My birth plan is basically no strangers in the room, no making decisions without my full consent & a mobile epidural will be needed image I will also ask not to be cut if it can be helped ( don't fancy that at all) and as long as I can keep moving around & not be fussed over I will be fine (very low tolerence for being fussed around normally let alone whilst in excruciating pain)

    I haven't yet checked out the hospital facitilies so I want to see if they have baths or pool in the room to ease the pain. The epidural is a last resort actually but never say never.

    What work do you do? Beccy
  • I'm the same, hate people fussing, altho I do have a low pain threshold which is not good! I'm having water birth as I believe it helps with the pain, every`1 has advised me to stay at home as long as I can, keep moving n have hot bath. I've had lumbar puncture which is almost the same as epidural n it was horrible so I defo dont want one of those! I work for a childrens clothing company, mini mode inside Boots, its lovely department n I get to play with babies things all day n decide what I'm buying next!! its flexi so I do get to work when I want which is great. how long does it take u 2 travel 2 work then if u go in2 the office? London bombings must of been awful 4 u?! least ur safe and what better reason to work from home!!
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