hey any mums out there from glasgow or hamilton area.

hey im Roxanne 21 years old. Mum 2 Eve who just turned 1 on the 8th of may. Due baby number 2 jan o8. Just moved 2 hamiliton area from glasgow. Would love 2 speak 2 mums living nearby xxx


  • Hiya Roxanne.
    I just joined the site today. Hope you get this reply. Im Lisa, Im 27. Mum 2 Cealeigh 8 and Daebhan whos 1. Moved here from Ireland with my fiance and children in January..Im living in Bothwell at the moment but am movin into Hamilton in 2 weeks. Would be more than happy to chat with you. I still dont know anyone here and am startin to get a bit lonely.
  • hi lisa hope your move is goin well. wher is hamilton are u movin 2. ive moved 2 burnbank. oh is from bellshill. im findin it hard as dont know any1 around here. dont drive yet so it hard gettin from a 2 b. when did u move from hamilton? x
  • Just got the keys of my house yesterday so I am officialy a hamilton resident. Im up in Torheads farm/Badgers way. Where abouts is burnbank? I know i seen the sign for it but i cant remember where!
  • babgers way thats not far from me. just at copperwood estate. your just 5 mins up the road, well in the car anyway. you must be so stressed out just now. the though of moving with all our stuff make me fell stressed x
  • its not far from the morrisons, mcdonals and equis chippie 10 min walk from hamilton west train station. around the corner from the garage. near blantyre x

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  • oh yea, I know it now. I drive so your only down the road..... Im so stressed out. Havent even started to move anythin yet. Im dreadin it. Just headin out now for my bits and pieces so at least if they are all in and ready, i just have to pack up the clothes and stuff here. Such a nighmare.
  • it sounds like it , rather u than me. it will be fine once u r in and settled. just so stressful though. im just havin a day in. resting and watchin the tele. got ma scan on wed really excited. just started a new job so busy and tired. u workin just now or u a full time mummy?
  • Ahh, congratulations.. Did you find out if its a girl or a boy or are you leavin it as a suprise?? Im a full time mummy at the moment but back when i had a life I done mobile hairdressing so as soon as I move into this house im gonna get leaflets and stuff done up and try get back into it again, I miss workin terrible. I keep butchering my poor kids hair out of boredom, ha,ha. Are you just working part time now?
  • hey im goin 2 find out so i no wat im keepin? im workin in direct line just now. used 2 work as a beauty therapist would love 2 do homers 2 but its just gettin the time. goin 4 ma datin scan 2mo so wont b able 2 find out till ma next scan. its hard work bein a full time mummy. what age is ur wee boy. eve is nearly 14 months and a hand full x
  • He's 18 months.. Such a handfull too. It must be really hard on you workin full time. Is eve in a creche?
    I found out when I was expetin Daebhan, it was grand cos I had everythin ready. I have a little girl too, shes 8. Did'nt ask on her but I think the first time round you can afford to wait until the baby is here and then go mad shoppin for them. But when it's your second, you want it to be as easy as possible and that means havin everythin prepared before they appear and then there might be a chance to relax when its over.
    Let me know how your scan goes. Theres so many different scans over here, in Ireland you just get one when your 20 weeks and thats it. I would have loved to see him more.
  • hey scan went well. due on the 4th of jan. will find out the sex at 16 wks. eve is at nursey. start back part-time on monday cant wait. just knackerd all the time. hows the house, u moved yet?
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