im 21 weeks gone now, and my other half is now deciding to be a complete moron about the whole thing! i had my scan on the 11th sept an we found out we where havng a girl. he now does not want to know because the baby is a girl and hes also now claiming that the baby is not his but my ex's whom i have not seen in over 8 months!!!!! so is this a case of immaculate conception or him bein a total pleb about the whole thing.
what do i do????


  • Tell him to stop being a twat. lol! That's really horrible of him.
  • Erm him being a total pleb does he think he only has male sperms.
  • Tell him he is a twat and he can tell his daughter that in a few years!
  • kick his adolecent arse as far as it will go and tell him to bloody grow up!
    to start treating u this way when ur preggers is beyond me hun, but if u think he is worth it u could try sitting him down to talk things through, maybe he is panicking as the reality he is gonna be a dad is just begining to sink in, if not then tell him he is a tosser and u will do better without him. xx
  • tell him stop being such a dick ed. at the end of the day u know who the dad is its his loss if he doesnt want ne thin 2 do wiv his daughter. if hes that bothered that the baby isnt his he'll ave 2 pay 4 a DNA test. i know its hard wen u love someone but u can do it on ur own and if he's being like he is ur better off on ur own, u dont need the stress he's causing u, not now and not wen the little one is born. take care and do whats right 4 u and ur bump. xxx
  • thanks for the advice, am now going to kick his arse in to shape! my 1 year old nephew is more mature than him sometimes!!!! (OH is 35)
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