Any Teesiders?


im from Redcar, teeside. anyone from around that way? :\)


  • hi my names jacqui, i have a 7 year old daughter & a 10 month old son. we live in sunderland but originally from milton keynes we moved here in april & im missing home. haven't really met anyone here so get bit fed up & my oh works away all week so it can be difficult on my own.:roll:
  • Hi im from durham, not close to redcar but i am close to sunderland.. im expecting number 3.. dd is 4 and ds is 2..
    this is a very friendly site, keeps me sane sometimes ha ha.
    My hubby works away a lot too.. luckily he local at min for a couple of months, but does shifts, so still dont see a lot of him.
    Where in sunderland are you? Im Belmont in durham.
    caz xx (nearly 32, mum of 2 +bump.x)

  • hi

    im from pallion in sunderland, not a great area but we're new to area & not sure if we'll stay here to long. im missing alot of things, i didn't realise how hard it would be. partner has struggled to get work local hense why he has to work miles away. it's hard on your own sometimes aint it? do you know sex of baby number 3?
  • I know what you mean hun. I have recently moved here too, and I dont know anyone either.. luckily mam lives 10 mins away, and mother in law if need her.
    We hoping to find out sex at the next scan on 9th Nov... hoping for a girl as my dd is really wanting a sister, but i'll be happy either way.
    Im sure you will get to know people soon hun.. i keep telling myself that too ha ha.
    caz xx
  • Hi

    I'm from middlesbrough, work in redcar, think i've mentioned that before kel. I pregnant with 2nd baby due april, i have a 2 year old daughter x
  • hi caz
    i haven't really put a lot of effort in to meeting new people. im going to look into the mums & tot groups round here, i just get really embarrassed walking into places on my own!!
    i found out with my 2nd what we were having & it was so nice to know & prepare but i wasn't convinced untill he was a boy till he came out & i could see for myself!!!
  • Hi
    I'm from Stockton.
    Sometimes come to Redcar for fish and chips and walk on beach - they've really cleaned it up over past few years.
    I've got a few friends in Redcar - which end do you live?
  • hi vic1664

    i live just by the cricket club. redcar is quite nice now your right. i moved here about 5 years ago from liverpool. Lovely fish and chips!

  • Hi

    I live near sedgefield and work in stockton/mbro

    Am new to this site, am 24 weeks on saturday, very excited but also very nervous!!

  • Welcome Julie

    i am sure all the ladies on here will help you settle in - its great for help & advice, congrats on your pregnancy, i'm, claire & 15 weeks today with my 2nd !!
  • Congradulations

    this is our 1st child, and we found out it's a girl and decided to call her megan

    Can i ask a question..i'm getting really bad lower stomach pains and when i lie down it hurts so much when i move it makes me cry and it also hurts the top of my this normal? sorry for moaning on but i am getting worried :\?
  • Megan is a lovely name, my friends little girl is megan, well 2 of them actually so unfortunately i cant have it - ours is an ellie so will see when we find out what this one is in 5 weeks time.

    Mm not sure, i am not as far on as you are so i cant really advise, i am sure its just possibly the weight of your bump & nothing to worry about but if you are then i would get some advise from your doc or midwife just to be safe.

  • ok thanx

    sorry 2 chew your ear off lol image
  • ha ha - no thats what we here for - its nice to chat too (and have a break at work on here - oops) off home now to take a very exited 2year old out to a halloween party in her dressing up witches outfit

    You take care, let me know how you are getting on x
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