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hiya has anyone used the baby gender predicter on here i was told at the hospital im having a boy and ive bought loads of boys clothes and its telling me im having a girl is it true?:\?


  • No it didn't work for any of my 4 children. The hospital are not ment to say unless they are 99% sure. So i would go with what the hospital said.
  • The Hospital told me I was having a girl so I tryed the baby Gender predicter and that said I was having a girl aswell
  • no i can safely say it doesnt work. I used it just for fun as i have had all my children and it got every single one wrong! i still had 2 boys and 2 girls but just in the wrong places.
  • I have done it with all three of my pregnancies and it has always been right
  • it doesnt work i was the opposite x
  • i dont know what im having. was told from the predictor she going t b a girl but i think its all made up anyway. its 50/50 chance xx
  • told me i was having opposite. all the gender tests and old wives tales told me i was having a boy. we had convinced ourselves thats what it was. it was e great surprise when she turned out to be a girl.
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