Mums in Kent?

Hi there

Any mums or mums to be in Kent?.

I'm in Ashford myself. My LO is 5 weeks old now and i'm loving every minute of being a mum - especially the lack of sleep, dirty nappies and bath time screeming fits !!!

Sab x


  • Hi Sab, hows Mummy hood? I'm loving life as a Mum, altho it is tiring, bit worried as we r not into a routine yet? altho Chester does go to bed each night around 9 so its sort of a routine. R u breastfeeding?
  • Hi Marie

    Lovely to hear from you. I'm loving it and yes it's exhausting !!!

    We have no routine other than night time at the moment but my HV is insistant that a routine won't come till at least week 12 !!

    I am breast feeding but William does have a formula at about 9:30 then goes to sleep when put in his basket at 10:30 till about 4:30 - 5:30. Still not too sure about the feeding in public so i've been expressing what I can for when we are out and about. He does feed 2 hourly during the day but I guess I can't have it all!

    Chester must be 8 weeks now if I remember correctly. Hope all checks have gone ok.

    Other than tiring how are you finding it all?

    Would love to stay in touch.

    Sab & William X
  • He is lovley, yes b nice to keep in touch, u can e-mail me cant u..? yes Chester is doing really well, he is 8 weeks n 3 days, had him weighed y'day, he is 11.9, am fully breast feeding but am hoping to start giving him formula as his last feed b4 bed next week, might make him sleep longer?! I'm fine feeding in public now, past caring when he is crying. never thought i'd b able to whoop them out in public but am fine. What formula u using? chester gors to bed bout 9 and sleeps till 3, he feeds then goes back down till 5 then I struggle to put him back down..?
    How is William? what is he weighing now?
    we r off on hols in 3 weeks, my family r going n they r already offering their services which is fab as i'll get some lovely time alone..!!
  • Hi sab,
    I Live in Ashford too.My daughter is 6 months now.
    It has been a 6 months and I am loving it, I have such a opinionated little monkey but I'm glad she is spirited, she also sleeps for no longer than 1hr in the day and has been this way since about 4 months therefore I am knackered.Thankfully though she has had a routine from the off pretty much and luckily slept through from about 6/8 weeks old.
    I think I must have lucked out big time as I wouldn't be so sure to be lucky next time round (if it happens).
    A x
  • Hi Marie

    I'll drop you an e-mail when I next get chance !!! William is very well thank you. 6 weeks and 4 days today. Was weighed last friday and was 10lb 4oz. Not bad seen as 14 days previous he was 8lb 15oz! I'm determined to get cracking with the feeding in public but every time I go out confident that i'll do it he sleeps through the whole outing!!

    As far as formula is concerned i use Cow and Gate. You can buy it in a smaller tin which lasts just under 4 weeks. Perfect as it has to be thrown out if not used in that time. Have been considering giving him a bottle of expressed at night to see if that has the same effect. We were out last sat night so took 6oz of expressed which he had at 9pm and he still slept through till 5am!!

    Where you going on hols? Sure a break from the norm would be lovely. I hope you have a fabulous time.

    Hi A? Lovely to hear from someone else so close to home. Everyone that I speak to recently is having a really hard time from a sleep point of view. Guess I am one of the lucky ones as my little man has slept till 5am from about day 10 !! Are you now at the weaning stage? I'm still months away but dreading it already!!!

    Sab x
  • Hi Sab, hows things with u? we'v just returned from Benidorm, lovely 2 week break with my family. Chester was an angel, slept well every night in his pram whilst we where out. Loved flying! had his second lot of jabs on Thurs, brave little soldier. Hows William? sleeping well? Chester has formular b4 bed, usually goes bed bout 8.30 till4 then feed from me n back to bed till bout 6, then he comes n with me for feed n lie - in.. not pushed routine yet with having holiday but next week am hoping to aim to get him to sleep longer during the night. I'm a soft touch tho so dont push it...
    R u returning to work?

  • Hi Marie

    Lovely to hear from you. You're more brave than me. Still can't go out for more than a couple of hours let alone a holiday for 2 weeks. Glad you had a good time. A holiday would suit me lovely just now. Things are great here. William doing really well. Falls asleep about 10 and the last 2 mornings has gone till 7am. Hopefully this is the start. Probably spoken too soon and will be up at 5am !!! I'm not sure about a routine yet although I think it will just happen natually. Since day 10 he's had a bath at about 9pm and then a bottle of formula and falls asleep on the sofa. Got to start putting William to bed awake rather than taking him up with us but it's worked so far so not keen on changing it just yet. Feel a bit selfish really i don't want to encourage any sleepless nights!! His feeding is much better now too. We've gone from every 2 hours during day to every 3 and no complaining. He would probably go longer but I won't let him cry for a feed. I'd rather just offer it so he can top up as much as he needs.

    We're both just getting over a cold too. Not very nice for William. He's been very good tho.

    Just re-read my post - he sounds like a dream baby!!!

    He was in the paper last week too. Daily Mail printed pictures of babies with lots of hair. He's now famous!!

    I will be returning to work but i'm dreading it already and it's not till March. Trying to think of things I can do to make some money so I can stay off longer but my brain is to busy concentrating on my little man!!

    You planning on returning?

    Sab x
  • I cant decide yet, not till Chester is bit older, might return part time but I'm really lucky as my hubby said I can return or not.
    He loves having bright colourful books read to him so I've just been n bought some, must admit he is bit spoilt. Do u give William any formula yet?
  • He has a bottle of formla every night and he has done since he was 10 days old. I'm convinced it helps him to sleep. Other than that he is breastfeeding all day.

    All week so far he's slept from 10 till 7 which i'm really pleased about. Put him to bed in his basket straight after his bottle last night too. 1st night done that - he normally falls asleep on the sofa and gets carried upstairs asleep. Anyway it worked really well. I have a video monitor and only had to pop in 3 times to pop dummy back in!!

    He's growing so quickly he'll be in his cot in his own room in no time! He might be ready but i'm certainly not yet!

    Really wish I could have an option on returning but I don't think i'll have much choice. OH on the verge of being made redundant. Earning really good money at the moment but it'll finish soon! Hoping to buy a house too so we'll need the income. If he can get a job that pays just as well I should be able to only have to work a few hours but still a while before I have to deal with it.

    Off to Canterbury tomorrow to see my sister and my 4 week old neice. We don't adventure out very much so i've started preparing already!!

    Hope you are well.

    Sab x
  • Chester sleeps bout 6-7 hours a night on a good night which is most nights but not every night. u r lucky with William. Chester sleeps in a hammock, didnt get on with his moses, he will also b ready for his cot soon, but like u, I'm not ready for him to sleep alone, hoping he'll last out till New year! Which formula do u use? I've tried all of them but gone back to Aptamil as it always come up first in tests n trials..
    Starting to put some of Chesters clothes on e bay, yes I was warned he'd only get the odd wear out of most of his clothes as his wardrobe is busting but dont care, sell some to buy more!! William showing any sign of teeth? Chester chews everything n dribbles constantly, his gums look red n can almost make out the white teethy pegs in his bottom gum but how long do they take? Where bouts in Canterbury does ur sister live? We'r in Wincheap..
    enjoy ur day.. any plans for the weekend?
    think we'r off visiting family, weather is getting cold now so think Chester n I will have lazy day today!
  • Hi Marie

    Apologies - busy weekend !!

    No sign of teeth yet although he has taken to to chomping on anything he grabs hold of so it's started. He dribbles for England too but not too stressy yet..........! From what i've read it can take months from the 1st signs for any to appear. Hopefully neither of them will suffer too much.

    I've not changed formula at all and am still using SMA gold and he's gone from having 4oz to having 7 and still polishing off the whole bottle!! Started waking at 5:30 again for a feed so might have to increase it yet again! his Breastfeeding during the day has shrunk worringly too. He was taking 30 - 40 minutes. Now he's not interested after 15 although he's not wingeing for it!

    My sister lives in Thannington Without. Just outside of wincheap. Was lovely meeting my neice. Whe's 4 weeks old and made William look hugh!

    How's the ebay stuff going? Been doing a bit myself. Mainly my maternity wear so far. Gonna start on the baby bits next week if William gives me some free time!

    Hope things are well with you.

    Sab x
  • Hiya, Chester is the same, dribbles 4 England n chews everything in sight. He is 3 months n 2 weeks already! Thinking of swopping to cow n gate, been giving him Aptamil but he has been little bit sick few times next day, more than he used to b when I was feeding him my milk only. Trial n error I guess. Bathed him n fed him n he went to bed at 8, early for him, just b intersesting to c how long he sleeps for now! usually goes throught till bout 4. Chester is like William, his breast feeds during the day r low...? Not got round to doing my e bay stuff yey, hoping to start 2moro. When r u going back to work? I wanna take Chester to a play group but dont really know where they r till c health v. Do u intend to go 2 any play groups/ mums groups?
  • Hi Marie

    How's Chester sleeping now? William only lasting till 5am again. Gonna try giving the number 2 SMA formula for hungrier babies to see if that helps him to sleep for as long as he was.

    I'm not due back to work until mid March and yes I will be going back but i'm dreading it already. I have no idea how i'm going to manage passing william off to someone else. Have no choice but to go back as we are just buying our 1st house within the next few weeks so need the additional income. Was hoping my dad would help out with the child care but not broached the subject yet!!

    Not got into any groups yet either. I keep telling myself i'm going to but i'm permanently busy. Never have 5 minutes let alone an hour to sit and chat with other mums!!!

    Are you due back to work at the same time? Are you going back?

    Sab x
  • HI im due today and i live near Maidstone. Doesnt seem to be many kentish people around.
  • Hi Hannah and welcome.

    Due today - any sign of movements yet? Do you know what you are having. Would be nice to hear how you get on. Good luck and keep in touch.

    Sab x
  • Hi Sab.. and Hannah..
    Chester slept 9 till 5 last night then had a quick feed n went back into his hammock till 7 am..! best night yet.. hoping it happens again tonight!
    Thinking of statrting wening in couple of weeks, he showing all the signs of needing more but he is only 4 months n 2 weeks, if I can try hold out till he is 5 months I'll feel better, just ordered his high chair.. growing up so fast.. How is William? u still breast feeding? Chester si still fully breast fed altho he has formula at bedtime, 7oz and sometimes i top him up with my
    milk!! any news Hannah?!
  • Hi Sab and Marie
    Well up at 3am this morning with bad cramp pains in back and tummy and baby was jumping around like a mad woman. Got a bit worried and contemplated phoning hubby at work to come home but thought better of it. They soon wore off after an hour and i went back to sleep. Ive got yoga tonight so im hoping some moves might push her down that bit further(yes im having a girl). So nervous and excited at the same time. Trying to stay positive but the terror overides this. I will keep you informed .
    Have a good day
  • Hi Marie

    William is really well thank you. 4 Months Old tomorrow and still breastfeeding with a bottle of formula at night. He's in the same routine sleeping too. Has a bottle of between 6 and 8 oz at 9:30pm then goes to his cot in his own room without dummy awake and falls asleep within 1/2 hour. Sleeps till 5 then has a quick feed and sleeps again till about 7 - 7:30.

    Had his last jabs this week to and he's doing really well.

    I feel the same as you about weening too. Want to wait as long as possible but am really keen to start getting him used to it.

    I've had a chat with my dad today too and he has agreed to look after William for me when I return to work. I'm so relieved as I really don't want anyone other than me, daddy or grandad bringing him up.

    Have you made any decisions about work yet?

    Hannah - easy to say but try not to get yourself too worried. Go with the flow and it'll be better than you expect. We're thinking of you.

    Sab & William x

  • Wow he really is sleeping well, lucky u.. Starting Chester weaning next weekend, wanna do it when my hbby n I can spaend time with him n do it slowly. He has been having some fruit juice off a spoon n does everything right, opening n closing his mouth n swallowing so hopefully we'll not have too many problems. Not decided bout work, might go back part time n c how I am.. Leaving him for the first time over night this Sat, my auntie is having him here whilst we go up n watch boxing fight with friends. Really nervous but we leave sat pm n r back Sun morning. I know he'll b very well looked after but I 'm nervous!!
    What does William weigh? Chester was 14.06 last week..
    Hannah... try n get as much sleep as u can right now, every one tells u the same but its true. Have an open mind bout the birth, I wanted water birth but it never happened..
    Keep resting, baby will come soon as she's ready..!
    good luck..
    Marie & Chester..xx
  • Hi Marie

    William weighed in at 17lb 6oz. Was only a 7lb 14oz newborn - my milk must be ultra fattening !!!

    Asked HV about weaning him within the next couple of weeks and she's pretty insistant that I wait till he's 6 months old!! Won't be seeing her again till his 7-8 month check and have decided to start him on some rice in about 4 weeks. Really want to get him into as much as a routine as possible so I can start handing him over.

    I'm leaving him with my dad for a couple of hours tomorrow whilst I take my neice to a firework do (my dad brings up my neice) and i'm not allowing myself to get anxious. My HV says I have to start handing him over for his sake so he can start to get used to others when i'm not around. The sooner the better so it'll be easier when I return to work!

    Hope you have a great time on Saturday. I'm sure you'll spend the entire evening worrying about him but it'll do you the world of good as well a him.

    Take care.

    Sab & William x

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