Any Bedford Mums

Hi there,
I'm a newby to this site and was wondering if there are any Mums from Bedford out there using this site.
It'd be great to have a chat. My 4 children are all girls ranging from 15 to 11 months.


  • Hi. I am from Sandy in Bedforshire. Does that count? I am a mum to a girl and a boy. The girl is 4 in May and the boy is 2 in May.
  • Hi Deidre,
    Yes, you count. My girls are now 16,12, 9 and 1.
    What's Sandy like. I've been through it a few times but don't know much about it to be honest?
  • It a small town with all the basic amenities. If u want to do a big supermarket shop u have to go to Biggleswade or St Neots but it suits us. We have lived here for 7 years. We originally moved here as house prices were lower. Where do u live in Bedford?
  • I live in Brickhill. Been here about a year and a half. Lived in Goldington before that for about 9 years. I've only just plucked up the courage to take my 1 year old to a baby/toddler group. I'm finding it quite hard going at the moment. Do you go to any groups?
  • Yes I try 2 go to 2 based in Sandy. One on a Tuesday at the Conservative club and one on a Wednay at Methodist church. Some weeks I only manage the Wednesday 1.
  • hi guys thort id leave a post n say hey cos i lived in sandy for all my life then i moved up to wimblington nr march in cambs in june 2006 i come down to sandy wen i can to see my dad/stepmum and 20yrs old 21 in august i have a girl called Hope shes 17months and im 29wk+6 preg wit num 2
    abbie+bluebump 29+6
  • Hi.
    It nice to hear from someone who grew up in Sandy. How does your new area compare?
    At one point we were thinking of moving to Cambourne but it costs so much to move. Plus my hubby now works in Bedford so commute would be longer.
  • its alot nicer over here i never really liked sandy there was nothing todo there,alot of horrible people who r nasty to ppl for noreason,alot of robberies,police bout hated living there lol.what do u think bout the area?i did like bedford and stevenage for shoppin thou.
  • Fortunately I haven't really come across too much of the bad stuff. U r right though their isn't a huge amount to do. When we moved here we weren't really bothered about that as we tended to go out outside Sandy. Now most of social life centered around children and they have enough to keep them busy at moment. Guess will think about moving when they are older and I can expand my business a bit more.
  • oh right kl yer its fine for the kids i suppose.what buisness are you involved in?what road do u live down in sandy ill prob kno where itis as i kno most of sandy.
    abbie hope n bluebump30wk+2
  • I live in Fallowfield area. I am an independent organiser for a children's book co. Starting small at moment but hoping to slowly expand it for when youngest is at school. Can't believe my oldest will be at school full time in September and youngest starts preschool in November.
    You have so much to look forward to.
  • yer i kno fallowfields my friend lives there and my ex friend lives next door to her lol down kestrel way.sounds gd i have'nt worked since i went on mat leave with my 1st child which was end of may daughter shes 17months so shell prob b goin to nursery wen shes 3/ u want nemore kids?
    abbie,hope +bluebump 30wk+3
  • Sometimes I think i would like another but probably not.
  • oh old ru?do u come on these msg board very often
    abbie x
  • yer im on here bascially everyday lol im only 20 21 in august n i cnt wait image
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