Hull mums?

Hi all, I live about 10 minutes outside of Hull with my hubby and 12 week old son. Would really like to hear from any other mums in or areound Hull



  • Hi Sammi. Theres another post on here calling for Hull mums. I'm in Hull, my name is Leah, 29, 2 kids aged 8 and 2 and am 30 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. Whereabouts are you? I'm currently in North Hull area. x
  • Hi Sammy i live in Bilton and i am 9 + 1 weeks
    I have also posted to try and get to know more people in the area

  • Hi ladies, we just moved in Feb from Bilto Grange to Hedon. Decided to move when we found out was having a baby as the house we were in was too small.

    Do you know what you're having Funky Rabbit? or you leaving it until baby arrives? :\)

    Hi Airlie Bird, is it your first baby? are you finding out what isex baby is? :\)

    Sammi & Harrison
  • Hi Sammi
    Yes our first baby and at the moment i would like it to be a surprise.,

    Just waiting for my first scan appointment to come through.
  • I bet you're so excited, I can still remember how excited I was going for my first scan, seeing it's tiny heart beat is amazing.

    How are you feeling? have you had any sickness? I was off work for 6 weeks with Hyperemesis Gravidum, it was aweful I hardly ate, even the thought of food made me feel ill.

    Do you have a feeling what you might be having or no idea?

  • Hi Sammi, I found out yesterday I'm having a girl image I have one of each already so either wouldve been nice, but the girls clothing lately are all gorge so very happy - roll on payday!! How are you finding motherhood? x
  • Congratulations FunkyRabbit, my sister-in-law had a girl just one week after my lo was born so i been shopping for boy and girl and some of the clothes are so cute :\)

    To be honest it's still all a bit weird, I think I'm still in shock that he is actually mine, I look at him and cant believe that I helped create this tiny screaming person.

    Is it just as exciting being pregnant a 2nd and 3rd time as it is with the first?

    What are your 2 children called? have you thought of any names for baby?

  • Sorry for the delay Sammi, my brain isnt working properly, lol. Theres 6 years between the 1st two children so it was like starting all over again the 2nd time around. Its amazing how quickly you remember things, although a lot has changed since my 1st one in 1998! This time, the pregnancy was a huge shock and it took a long time to adjust to being pregnant again, especially as my son is only 2 and still my babyimage but now I'm looking forward to it, have only been to mothercare once this time so far, and came out empty handed as I got a bit overwhelmed (we gave all our stuff away after the last one) so on payday we're gonna go and get as much as possible which is exciting in itself, haha. My other two are Emily and Sam but no names as yet for my baby. Do you think you'll do it again??? xx
  • Hi Leah, sorry for my delay, had very bad weekend.
    How are Emily and Sam about having a baby sister, are they looking forward to it?
    As soon as I found out I was pregnant I was straight to Mothercare, didn't buy anything though as was worried would jinx it, after I had my 20 week scan though I spent a small fortune :\)
    I will deffo be having another. I said to hubby while having Harrison that I wouldn't have anymore, but as soon as I saw and held my little man I knew I wanted another, we said we will probably leave it until Harrison is about 18 months before trying for another though.
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