Any mums in Otley area?

Hey there
Was wondering if there are any mums in the Otley area as hopefully my partner and i will be moving into the area soon.
i'm moving from co. durham area and my partner in from lancashire so we are meeting in the middle!!!
We dont know anyone in the area and where just looking for people to chat to and give us a little advice
Take care


  • hiya.
    Otley in yorkshire?
    im from otley, i have 3 kids aged 4, 2, and 5 weeks.
    how old are yours??
    Toni x
  • Hi Toni
    Yeah otley in yorkshire, we have been up there looking around and it seems like a really nice place so we have decided to move up.
    Was hoping to get some advice on what the area is like and what the schools are like!
    We are expecting baby number 5!
    My partner has 2 boys 10 & 7 and i have a boy & a girl both 7 and we are expecting another little boy in 15 days!
  • Hi,
    Otley is a lovley place, a pretty little market town and the people are friendly. I moved here a couple of years ago from leeds to be with my partner whos lived here all his life. Its quite a quiet place, you dont get too much trouble if you know what i mean.
    As for schools there are 4 primary schools in the area i think and 1 high school - Prince Henrys Grammar School which is a language college.
    My Daughter who is 4 is due to start full time school in september, but she has been attending the schools early years unit for a year now and she seems to have come on really well.the school my daughter attends has such pretty views. The playground over looks fields one of which has cows in,Otley chevin and the quary which is like a lake.quite different from the view from my class room window (mostly roads and cars lol) when i was at primary school image
    Other than my daughter my other 2 are also boys.
    15 days - i bet you are getting excited now, how have you being going on with your pregnancy? I was getting quite sick of mine towards the end i just wanted him out asap lol, luckily for me he was 5 days early so i didnt have to do too much waiting. I had a home birth and my partner delivered him as midwife was 3 minutes too late!
    I saw your post Tens machines earlier, you should definatley get one i think they are ace. I managed with just a tens when i had my lo.
    If you want to know anything about otley just ask.
    Toni x

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  • Yeah we have wanted to meet him for weeks now and i've been trying everything to get him out for the last week but he tried to get out at 32 weeks and we stopped him so think hes getting his own back and playing sticky! lol
    I would have loved to have a home birth but had it up for sale so could'nt plan one and its a good job as i've sold it! That must have been really amazing for your partner to have delivered your little one!
    I bought my tens machine yesterday from babies r us and am just about to test it now (maybe this will kick start it lol)
    Regardind the otley area are there any areas in and around you would recommend we stay away from?
  • Hi,
    to be honest i dont really think there are any particularly bad areas in otley its really quiet, but maybe i just think that coming from a big city lol. I wouldnt buy a house near the river though, it floods quite alot.
    Regarding getting baby to decide to make an appearance i took rasberry leaf capsuals and evening primrose capsuals ate pineapple and had sex and he came 5 days early. i was over the moon as i was expecting him to be late as both my other 2 kids have been. I also did alot of walking up and down stairs (when i had spurts of energy) and lightly bouncing up and down when stood up, thought i might as well get gravity working in my favour lol
    There is plenty around here if you want to meet other mums like baby cafe's and baby massage etc but when you meet the hv up here im sure she will give you a long list of things.
    It was great to have my partner deliver him in our own home i wish my other 2 births had been so great. My partner acts like it was nothing and he could have done it with his eyes closed but i can tell he enjoyed it. im quite grateful to him actually for his quick thinking because the cord was wrapped round my babys neck and i couldnt stop pushing him out but thankfully he noticed and managed to get it free in time!
    Good luck with the tens machine, it helps to get someone else to put the pads on for you coz its awfully tricky trying to get them in the right places yourself.
    Toni x
  • Hey there
    Havent been on for a few days as have been in otley having a look around and viewing some houses, we think we've found a house to let untill we get settled (jobs and school etc.) then we can start to look around for a house to buy.
    Been looking at ofstead reports for the local schools and liked the look of the wharltons school but will have to go and have a look around anyway will be back in otley today filling in an application for the house - i'm so excited its the first time i've thought i hope lo doesnt come untill after we have been (so will most likley make an apperance about now lol)
    Hope your all well
  • hi,
    yeah noticed you'd not been on for a while, thought maybe your trial with the tens had started you off!
    where abouts in otley is the house you have been looking at? we are letting at the minute until i can get a full time job when lo is a bit older. i used to work part time up at wharfedale hospital before i went on maternity leave but unfortunatley for me my ward closed and they wanted to transfer me to lgi in leeds but i couldnt be bothered with all the travelling for the hours i worked.
    yeah wartons is a good school, the waiting list is quite long for there, a few of my friends were trying to get their kids in there for september but there wernt enough places to go round. get your kids names down asap if you want your kids to go there. My daughter is at ashfield primary, cant wait til september when she will be full time, summer holidays are doing my head in lol.
    good luck with your application, hope you get the house, at least if your lo arrives you will have the birth out of the way image
    Toni x
  • Hey
    We have found a house to rent by the river - so if it floods we wont be too happy - but its only short term, it just seems like a big estate of 70's style housing! lol Think that seems to be in the catchment area for the school as it is the closest but i'm not sure how it works in otley and if i can appeal if they dont let them in!
    I was working as a pa but have had to give that up due to move so we will both be looking for jobs asap really!
    My little ones are spending alot of time with grand parents as we have had alot to do, so summer holidays havent been too bad lol other than having a huge what feels like an 12lb baby wriggling aroungd insde your stomach!
    Full time school! i was really aprehensive about mine starting full time thought they would be gone forever but soon found things to fill my day!!
    Take care

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  • hiya,
    yeah i know where that is, its up the newall side of otley, my brother in laws ex and their daughter lives quite close on chippendale rise. I live down in the weston part of otley on the outskirts, just over the road from my house is open fields and countryside. glad you have found somewhere you like anyway i know moving house can be really stressful let alone when your about to give birth!
    What line of work is your oh in? my oh is a foreman for a civil engineering and groundworks company.
    lucky for you about grandparents having kids so much, my father in law has been quite ill recently with heart probs so inlaws havent been able to have mine much and my mum and dad live in leeds and there is no way i can get up there on a bus with 2 kids a baby and a very heavy pushchair (i have a car but havent passed my test yet so can only drive it when oh is at home) so ive had mine all to myself this summer lol. it makes it worse that my daughter is one of those children that constantly needs entertaining, she gets bored soo quickly. Im counting down the hours til 6th september lol.
    Toni x
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