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Hi i am Laura i am 27 and married and live in Oxford i have 2 children a son whos 4 in June and a daughter who is 2 1/2 would love to meet any other mums with children of similar ages and make some great new friends.

Laura J x


  • Hi Laura, i am 26 and live just outside oxford, i have two children a little girl who was 5 last week and a little boy who is 20 months, speak soon. karen
  • Hi mummyJ again, how are you? Hi Kaz, whereabouts are you? I'm in Bicester.x
  • Hi Suzaie, im also in Bicester, how old are you children?
  • I have one boy Jake, who is just under 6 months. He's got a chest infection, so ended up going to the cottage hosp last night for antibiotics! I'm back to work tomoz after maternity leave, so not looking forward to that! What are you lo called and where in Bic are you?
  • We live on Bure Park, i hope your little one is okay, i bet your not looking forward to going back to work, its not that bad though, who will look after your little one or will he go to nursery? karen
  • I just think my brain is frozen and I wont be able to do any work! Jake is going to Leapfrog 2 days a week and my friend is having him one day a week. Luckily work have let me go back part time!
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