hi girls! didnt know where to post this! can anyone help??

hi everyone! well to cut a long story short, my mum????s english and my dad????s spanish this is why i live over here in spain, but recently dh (who is spanish) and i have been wondering if we should move over to the uk for maybe a year or 2. You see dh is a teacher and he is qualified to teach kids form 12-16 yrs and he????s also been a spanish teacher (for foreigners) for over 7 years, the thing is that work isnt great over here at the mo and the wages are no good. So we are thinking of making a go over in the uk? i just need info on how to get a teaching job for dh and where we can go for advise/help on moving over. We????re visiting my nana????s in a week over in the uk so we want to make some enquiries, any ideas where we should start? thankyou xxxxxxx
amandaxxx :\)


  • citerzens advise bureau- maybe.
  • there are lots of websites of agencies that recruit teachers..google teaching vacancies and submit a cv. even try moster.co.uk and fish4jobs.co.uk and the other big sites. they r cryin out for teachers again here, goodluck xxxxxx
  • thanks babes will try these web sites xxxx
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