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  • Iya hun, my internet has been broke, iv been lost without it all weekend ha ha. Aww hope your Jack is ok has is he still in pain with his teeth? I went the midwife today an she measured my bump im measuring exactly 30 cms which is what I should be this week, everything is going well im gonna start my antenantal classes next week, il probly get scared then ha ha xx
  • Hello hun.. I'd be devestated if my internet didn't work!! he he. Jack is fine he's dead good ya no.. I wouldn't have even known he was cutting teeth he didnt cry anymore than usual me poor little button! Been dead dead busy this wk organising myself! How ru feeling?
  • Iya hun, im feeling ok. Ya know I said I was tired all the time, well I had my bloods done an im anaemic so iv gotta have iron tablets now. Oooh I got a nice surprise today we got 3 hotpicks last night on the lottery and won ??450 im made up weve never won nothin before, so iv booked a 4d scan for next Thursday I cant wait now. I need to get more organised ha ha the iron tablets might give me more energy. How r u? R ya still bein sick? x
  • hi love sorry i havent been on 4a while but i went away 2 paris 4 the wkend and Paul proposed!! ha ha ha it was dead nice.. I cried! he he. Ahh poor u all anaemic must be horrible. Yeah am still feeling ill all time. Congrats on ur win aswell by the way! I had a 4d scan wit Jack and their amazin! So wot u been up2?
  • Iya hun, oooh congratulations on your engagement aww how romantic him asking ya in Paris too. My scan is tomorrow I just hope the baby is in good position and isnt too big at 31 wks. I havent done much at all went out with Paul on Saturday only by mine though. Im all excited for tomorrow now il let ya no how it goes. x
  • ooh yes let me know how u get on hun!! xx
  • Iya hun, my scan was brill, I got a dvd, cd rom and 8 pics I cant believe how clear the photos are. I cant stop looking at her now she looks so cute ooh I cant wait to meet her. Ya doing anything at the weekend? I might go pram shopping tomorrow I keep changing my mind on which one to get its so hard I need to pick one very soon though.
  • hello love. I LOVE the silver cross 3d pram but i have 2 shop around 4a frigin double pram! We got a 4d scan with Jack aswell they're boss arent they?! Bet u can't wait now can u? Im so ill & tired all the time lately it's getting me down now image Where did u get ur scan done? xx
  • Iya hun, I got my scan done in Warrington it lasted about 15 mins an it was only ??105 for everything including my 10 min dvd. Aww at least once youve had this baby you can have a break for a bit from being pregnant ha ha, or are ya planning any more soon? I want 2 close together and then mabye a 3rd a bit later but well see how this one goes first ha ha. If ya tell me ya email address il send ya some of me 4d pics. I was torn between the bebe confort loola an the babystyle lux 3 in 1 I think im gonna get the babystyle one it dead big but I love it x
  • hi luv soz i havent been on had bad flu!!!!! ur 4d pic is absolutely gorgeous!! we must've got ours done the same place we got ours done in warrington.. was it innervision? if so it's the same place. No more babies 4me after this 1 ha ha ha ha h. Yeah defo send me some pics. my email is [email protected] I could add u 2 my msn so we cud chat! I got the chicco cortina when i had Jack which was big aswell but i loved it. xx
  • Hello only me again just looked up ur pram (im sad like that) HA HA and it's very similar 2 mine!! Ha isn't that funny?!
  • Iya hun hope ur feelin better, yeah it was innervision that I went to, I looked up ur pram too it is very similar il have to order it soon ive got less than 8 weeks left now. I reckon il go overdue though cause most people seem too with their 1st baby. I sent ya some pics il add u to my msn too im not on it much though. You lucky cow being in ur last pregnancy ha ha iv got to do it all again at least once more, im starting to freak out abit about the labour now i was calm until this last week and now im getting scared ha ha. x
  • hello am new on here! am from liverpool too
    am due on 26th of aug! am so happy but it wasent planned and am having a bad time with my boyfriend! my 20 week scan is the 18th of april
    my 12 week one was so cute baby was jumping around and waving its arms!! i really want to know what am having!
    ruth xx
  • Hello Jo, How u 2day? Dont worry 2 much about labour.. it's just one day out ya life! And the labour's the easy part compared to the rest!! ha ha ha. I went a week over with Jack. Had my 12 wk scan 2day got pics will send them asap. Hi Ruth WELCOME!! I've got my 20 wk scan 18th April too!! And i also cant wait 2 find out what im having. Have u tried the gender prediction chart on here?? It says am havin a girl but i reckon it's another boy. Where u from?
  • Iya Kate, ur 20 week scan is a week before my due date, I know the labour will probably be fine i think its just cause its March now an I keep thinkin shes due next month which sounds so soon and im not sure im ready ha ha its a bit late for that now though nah im fine really , Iya Ruth welcome to the site, hope things are ok for you, and hope things get better with your boyfriend. Oooh I cant wait until you both find out the sex im so nosey. Speak 2 ya both soon luv Jo xx
  • no i'll give it a go and let ya know what it says! am from halewood at the mo but we are moving house soon dont know where to yet! where are u all from?? it better be a girl cos we dont have names for a girl and we carnt agree on any think for a boy. it will be jessica if its a girl we have been calling it that when we are talking about it so god help it if it is a boy we will be calling it jessica and it will be wereing pink! ha!!
    ruth xxx
  • hello Ruth and Jo, hope ur both ok! Jo my stupid computer wont let me attach pics of Jack 4u!! I'll give it another go 2mora. U must be dead excited!! I can't wait 2 find out sex either!! Ruth i live in melling which is near kirkby, dont 4 get 2 let us know what the chart says!! Im pinning all my hopes on that frigin chart 4 a girl!! ha ha ha. I like the name Jessica too although i STILL can't decide on a girls name i really like. Is this ur 1st ruth?? Jo i will defo e mail u 2mora! Speak soon girls!! XX
  • Hey im in liverpool (anfield) im due my 3rd baby on the 16th june 07 xx
  • hey K8 just reading all your posts there sorry to be noseie lol but just to let u no i tryed the gender chart thing and it turned out right for my siad i was having a boy and guess what im having a boy lol and just for fun i had a look back to when i was having my other 2 kids to see if it worked out right for them to and it did i was well frecked out it was dead spooky lol let me no how its turns out for you xx
  • hello how is every one?? i was 15 weeks yeasterday!! seems to be going so slow!
    i carnt find this chart any where that tells ya what sex it will be can some one let me know where it is??
    ta ruth xx
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