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  • Hello Sammy! Welcome! Wow spooky ALL 3 kids right?! I hope it's right 4 me! My lil mate jo is from Anfield too!! Hi ruth if u click on pregnancy & birth on home page then just for you and scroll down, it says boy or girl? click on there then it tells u 2 click the link which should lead u2 the chart. (phew) or an easier option is 2 go on a search engine such as google and type in chinese gender chart and you'll get a few sites. The charts are all exactly the same as the one on here!
  • hi all, just to let u knw i done gender chart for all 4 of my children and it was spot on, just hoping it rite this time around.
  • hi ezzie!! wow 4 ALL right?!! ooooooh i really really hope it's right this time!! Obv health is the main thing but as my oh has informed me this is our LAST baby i really really would love a lil girl this time!!
  • Iya everyone wow our liverpool mummies page is growing so fast now ha ha. Kate I got ur email he is so gorgeous I could eat him awww, I think you are having a girl this time cause you have had more sickness than last time. Welcome Sammy where about in Anfield do ya live? I live by Priory Road. The gender chart has been right for me it says im having a girl and I am, well thats if my scans are right. Hope ur well to Ruth and Ezzie. Am I the only one due so soon? x
  • Hi ruth i live off priory road to lol how wwired is that. when are you due jo jo??? im due the 16th june same day as my little boys birthday xxx
  • Iya Sammy, im due on 26th April so just 7 weeks left now, Weird that you live right by me ha ha I live on Finchley rd which runs between Clapham and Hornsey, iv only lived there for a year so dont know many people i lived in huyton before that x
  • hey jo how wired is that we live 2 streets away from each other im in ettington road off clapham lol. so you look forward to meeting your little one??? soz to bee a pain but i cant be bothered reading back over all the post so hope you dont mind me asking a few qs lol
    is this your first baby??? and do u know what your having??? this is my 3rd and im expecting a boy i already have a boy 4 and girl 2 and what pains they are lol. how old are you??? im 22 but feel 42 lol i swear having kids makes you feel loads older then you really are lol anyways take care hun xx
  • Iya Sammy wow 3 babies at 22, aww ur babies are all at nice ages to grow up together. Im 24 and im having my first im having a little girl gonna call her Alexa. I cant wait to meet her now. Thats weird how close you live to me, did you go to any antenatal classes round here with ur other babies? The midwife wants me to go to one on vauxhall rd I dont really fancy it though but I might give it a try, speak soon jo xx
  • Hi jo Alexa is a nice name i still not got a name for my little one lol i said to my bf that he can pick the name as long as its nothink silly lol at the moment he keeps on calling my bump shankly lol (mad liverpool fan) but theres no way its getting called abythink to do with football lol. no i have never been to any antenatal classes with any of mine i never really fancyed it im one of them really shy people who dont like doing things on my own coz i dont know anyone lol bit of a shit house lol. Yep 3 kids at 22 i wasnt planning on having anymore after i had my little girl but i got court out on the pill this time round and i dont really belive in getting rid but im DEFO not having anymore after this one lol anyway take care hun xx
  • Iya Sammy, ha ha you must have been meant to have 3, at least youve got your family complete while your young and you never have to be pregnant again (lucky you), youve still got lots of time to think of a name, we did a list of a few we both liked and chose off that. Id like to have 3 but il see how this one goes 1st lol. I dont really fancy the antenatal classes I might try one to see what its like, every week I plan on going and then dont on the day ha ha. All my family are mad evertonians my dad wanted to call the baby Eva Toni Anne ha ha I told him I would use them as middle names to shut him up but il probly just have Eva. Kate and Ruth are you still here??? Hope ya all well, speak to ya all soon, luv Jo xx
  • hi girrls!! Yes im still here!! ha ha ha been busy 2day... had guests etc!! ha. is everyone looking 4 ward 2 mothers day?! It's my 1st one when Jack's actually HERE, i'm quite excited!! he he. xx
  • hey jo meant for 3 lol i hope im not saying my 4th in 2 years time i will die lol its heard now with just the 2 let alone every thinking about when my other little one comes along. the only bad thing about being due in june is the kids brack up for the 6 weeks summer holidays just after so i will have all 3 to jugle lol i just hope i recover quckly after giving birth or im in for it loleva as a middle name but thin eva toni anne is a bit of a mouth full.
    hey K8 mothers day dont really bother me much no more had 4 already and each one makes me feel just that bit older lol i dont even feel like a mum sometimes lolbut i guess the saying is true having kids keeps you young or is ment to anyways lol
    anyway take care all love sammy xxx
  • hi every one am still here too just not been on for a while!!
    i have done 2 diffrent charts for the predictions one where ya had to do all there questions like are u eating more salty food or sweet and has your partner put any weight on while u have been pregnant?? any way that one said it was 72% girl then i did the chinese one and that says girl so hopefully little jessica will be on the way!! only 41 days till i find out!!!
    hope u are all well!!
    ruth xx
  • Iya girlies I dont think mothers day counts for me, i told Paul i wanna prezzie off my lil Alexa bump but he said shes not born yet so I doubt il get one, he should get me somethin off him coz I feel like his mum most of the time ha ha. Im goin out wiv my mum, nan an all my auties for mothers day we go out every year. I did all those quizzes too Ruth earlier on in my pregnancy I think they all came back that I was having a girl so fingers crossed for a lil Jessica for ya. Aww we will have to keeo in touch when our babies are here il still come on and chat, thats if iv got a minute to spare lol. Speak soon luv Jo xxx
  • are they right did ya find out what ya havin??
    i am so desprete to find out! i hate suprises!!
    noing my look the baby will have its legs crossed but am goin to pay for a 4D scan if that happens!!
    ruth xxx
  • Thats what I did, on my 20 week scan she said I think its a girl but im not sure, so I went to warrinton for a free sexing and reassurance scan (they had an offer on) and then went back for a 4d scan, on the sexing scan she had her legs open and up in the air lol (proper little lady im carrying ha ha), hope you can find out, are you going the womens? xxx
  • hi girls how is everyone today???? im REALLY bored lol to bloody cold to go out. what everyone got planned for the weekend? im not sure what im up to yet starting to feel really tired all of a suddon yes2day it felt likei haad been up for about 3 days with no sleep dont no what was wrong with me lol feeling a bit better today but still a bit tired. anyways take care all xxx
  • hello my lil m8's how ru all 2 day? Sammy im feeling really tire too image it's horrible. Especially when Jack's getting me up at 6am every day! Not got much planned 4 wkend. Goin 2 get my engagement ring made smaller as it's a bit big but that's all.. xxx
  • Hey everyone, iv been busy today, iv done loads of walking and iv been to see me 2 nans and my mum, so im a bit tired now im going to pay the deposit off me pram tomorrow an goin to greaty market after that, but thats all really. I was tired all the time a few weeks ago an my bloods came back that i was anaemic so iv been on iron tablets for 3 weeks now an im feelin much better. I think I might be startin to do that nesting shite ha ha or it might just be in my head I keep cleanin which is very strange for me, even Paul has noticed the house is tidy for once ha ha. Hope ya all have a lovely weekend xxx
  • Hi girls how is everyone today? did you all have a good weekend?
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