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  • hey every one!
    how are u all? am ok! my boyfriend put an offer in for a house on friday and it got acepted so made up about that just hope it all goes through ok tho! we might be goin to look at some prams today too so i think he might be starting to get his head around things!!!
    ruth xxx
  • hi girls hope ur all ok.. Ruth made up 4u hope it all goes thru smoothly.. dont let moving stress u out 2 much!! How is everyone 2day?!
  • Hey everyone congratulations on the house news Ruth, oooh new house and new baby this is a busy year for ya ha ha hope it all goes through ok too. Hope you all had a good weekend, I didnt go anywer much i put my pram deposit down an went the market on Saturday, oh and Paul put the cot up it looks dead cute and iv washed all my baby clothes I cant believe how many clothes shes got already they add up so fast shes got loads more than me an shes not even born yet ha ha. Hope ur all well xx
  • god jo jo it all a bit final for u! putting the cot up paying ya diposit off!! bet ya carnt wait till she is her and useing all the stuff ya have bought!! carnt wait till am at that point it all seems to be goin very slow!! just hope we can get in the house and get it the way we want it before ar little bunddle comes!! ha!

    think we are goin to get the silvercross pramette, but he wants the black and i want the grean swirly one! do think the black makes more sence tho?? we will see!!

    hope every one is ok??

    ruth xxxx
    oh yeah i had my 16week check up and heard the heart beat it was so cute!!
  • hi girls!! I 4got 2 ask ruth & sammy when ru both due?? Im not due til 8th Sept I know when jojo's due!! 26th April (it's stuck in my mind 4 sum reason!!) How ru all?! My sickness has gone now am made up. xx
  • am due 26th aug but am hoping to hold it in till september tho!! i was one of the youngest in my year in school (24 july)and hated it!! so am hoping mine will be one of the oldest!!
    ruth xxx
  • hey girls hope your all well...... im due on the 16th june same day as my little boys bday an 2 days be4 my bf bday lol so if he comes on any 1 of them days is will be good lol.
  • Hey everyone, yes it is starting to feel final now iv got 6 wks till due date hope it keeps goin quick, if Paul has his way il be back on the pregnancy forum by the summer ha ha, iv told him im not havin another one till iv lost my baby weight an weve had a nice holiday sumwer wiv the baby so that should take me to the end of the year ha ha. All ur pregnancies should fly by, I like that pram Ruth I like the green swirly one the most i reckon that could be for a boy or girl too. Aww that will be a nice bday prezzie for ya bf an ya little boy will be an expensive month 4 u though. I'll probly go over my due date i might try all them things that probly dnt work to bring my labour on in a few wks. xx
  • hi everyone how are we all today???? 6 weeks left jo jo bet you cant wait it will soon be here. i got 13 weeks left an the sooner it gets here the better lol.
    have any of you girls suffered from a sore upper leg why pregnant??? for about the last week everytime i walk even just to breck road (jo will know where that is lol) it really hurts people have been asking it could be somethink to do with my pelives so im starting to get worryed no incase it is and i cant have my home birth. dont go to see midwife till the 2ed april so im keeping my fingers crossed it just nothink lol. anyway i will stop moaning now lol chat to u all soon take care bye xx
  • oh and by the way jo were did u get your 4d scan done and how much did it cost you keep meaning to ask u but always forget lol
  • Iya Sammy, I got my scan done at innervision in Warrington it only cost me ??105 it lasted about 15 mins an I got 10 mins on dvd, 8 pics and a cd rom. The man said wiv the package I got you only normally get 5 mins on dvd but my baby was bein good so he got 10 mins, I got mine done at 31 wks id defo recommend it tho it was brill. I havnt suffered any aches or pains hun hope ur feelin better soon tho id mention it to ur midwife, iv probly walked past ya on Breck rd lots a times an dont even no its u ha ha its weird how close we live. xx
  • hey girls thanks for that but dont think i will be able to affored a 4d scan even no i would love one got 2 other little brats to look after so that will be a no go for me lol i might see if i got anythik left out of my grate when i get it next month but probably wont lol as you no babys cost a boom lol. apart from that how are we all feeling today????
    im not to bad apart from getting a bit of bad news this morning that my nan has only got 3 months to live but keeping my fingers crossed baby is born first so she get to see him anyways take care you lot xx
  • hi girlies!! Sammy really sorry 2 hear about ya nan.. hope ur ok. xx Jojo how ru ok i hope not 2 long left 4u now!! and ruth how ru?? xx
  • hey every one am fine!
    we have had a bit of a bad week we found my boyfriends mums partner has got cancer so that was a bit of a shock and he is gutted cos of baby and things!
    the house is coming along tho we are just sortin what kitchens and bathrooms we like and thinking about paints and things! just worrtin how much its goin to cost tho!!
    ive been feeling loads of flutterings now witch is nice and my bump is getting bigger by the days! but my back is kiiling!
    hope u are all well sorry to hear about ur nan hope u are ok.

    ruth xx
  • Hi everyone, sorry to hear your bad news Sammy and Ruth. I know doing a house up can be so expensive cant it, we moved into our house last just over a year ago Jan last year, but weve hardly done anything to it, every time we get money we go on holiday instead ha ha, ah well the house is still here when we get back it might get finished one day. Iv got just over 5 wks now an I cant wait iv been getting stomach pains and back ache over the last 2 days an I keep thinkin what if this is it, its weird because its my 1st I just dont really no wat to expect or wat the pain is gonna feel like, hope ur all feeling well speak to ya all soon, Jo xx
  • hello all!!
    is very one ok??
    ruth xxx
  • hi girls hows it goin? im just fed up being pregnant already tired all time! xx
  • Hi all im fine hope you all r too, is anyone doing anything nice at the weekend im not doin nothin, hope your feelin better soon Kate, ya probly just need a good rest it must be hard lookin after the baby and bein pregnant. Try an put ur feet up at the wkend hun xx
  • we found out yesterday that my boyfriend mums partner has only got 3 months!! am so upset and it just adding to all my other worrys!! i've been off work for the past 2 days cos i've been really low! think its just the house and baby and my boyfriend has started sayin he dont know if its what he wants and all that again!! its all stressin me out!!
    ruth xxx
  • omg ruth ru ok?? i understand ur boyfriend is under a lot of stress and he's probably just lashing out because he's in a situation he has no control over.. he will come around. Just try as much as u can 2 relax and jjust be there 4 him!

    Hi jojo!! How u doin?? Im starting 2 have naps when Jack naps now instead of rushing around doing housework! That can wait! So i feel better. How ru feeling now? xx
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