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  • am ok just feel really low havent spoke to my boyfriend all day i dont think he is talkin to me! deep down i know he will come round but its just puttin loads of presure on me! then with the news yeasterday just adds to the presure! am tryin my best to give him time and just see what happens and now finding out this is prob stressin him out cos his dad died of cancer 6 years ago so its prob bringin all that back!! am back in work on sunday i carnt face it but i carnt afford any more time off!!
    think every think is on top of me at the mo!!
    sorry for my big moon just need to get it off my chest!!
    ruth xx
  • dont worry m8 that's why we're here!! When my o/h's stepdad died a coupla yrs ago his brother took it really bad and lashed out at his girlfriend, and just kinda withdrew from everyone really.. eventually though he dealt with it and moved on.. so dont be worrying.. it's not good 4u or babs!!If u ever need 2 talk we're all here4 u xx
  • Hey everyone, so sorry about all your going through Ruth, Kates right ur boyfriend will probly come round, he just needs time its such a big shock, I no its easier said than done but try ur best to relax and get everything off ya chest on here, were all here for ya hun. Glad ur slowin down a bit Kate an feelin better. Im still the same as always just 33 days left now so hope it goes quickly an I dont go overdue. how r u Sammy hope ur well too. xx
  • Hi girls sorry not been on for a while sorry to hear about all that going on ruth im in the same situation we where told the last week my nan only has 3 months left to live with her cancer fucking shit init its always the good ones who get it but try not to worry to much.

    hope you ok jo and k8 im not doing to bad apart from being REALLY REALLY tired my 2 year old has decided it would be fun to get up at bloody 6am every morning and i had a really bad night with her last night she woke up at 11pm screaming asing bumble bees where trying to get her and she never ended up going back to sleep till 3am and then was up again a 6am i could of killed her lol not only that my 4 year old has to be up for school and is not getting much sleep with her. 33 days left jo bet u cant wait i got 12 weeks lwft now and it still seems to be going really quick to quick infact but i guess i been there and done it twice already so its not as exciting for me as you lot lol never mind anyways take care all xxxx
  • Hi all, hope ur all ok. Hope ur both ok Ruth an Sammy, remember if any of you need to talk just come on here were all here for ya both. Oooh Sammy ya must be knackered too bein up so early. I dread bein on my 2nd pregnancy cause it must be so much harder with another babs to look after iv got 4 1/2 weeks now its getting closer every time I look. Im convinced il go over due though I think il be in shock if shes early ha ha. How are u me lil mate kate? Hope ur well, hope you all had a lovely wkend luv me xx
  • hello love yes my wkends been ok had a bit of a sort out in the house.. that's it really. Went the pub 4 r tea 2day Jack wasnt very amused!! What u been up2?
  • Iv had a quiet wkend really Paul was doin a bit of decorating yesterday an hes back in work today, I need to sort my house out I really cant be bothered but im gonna force myself to do a bit tonight, when is the nesting thing meant to kick in? I dont think its gonna happen for me ha ha, wen I clean up I always have to make myself do it.
  • Hi girls how are we all??? im not to bad just tired lol. hey jo how long did you have to wait till you got your mat grant??? i can put in for mine at the end of this week thank god now it feels like i dont have to wait for long till my little boy comes into the world lol. only 11 weeks left (on sat lol) an i have not started getting anythink in yet i think i better give myself a kick up the ass and start lol. im going to pay off a deposit on the pram on thurday cant wait im getting a mamas and papas one it just like the silver cross 3D one but not quite as cheap lol my bf seen it in the mamas and papas catalog and has feel in love with it so i said as long as you buy it u can have it lol. i was only planning on buying a cheapish one this time round with it being my 3rd like but never mind.

    so whats everyone got planned for this week then??? have a good one what ever you do chat soon xxxx
  • oh by the way jo about that nesting thing i never got that with any of mine not that i can remember anyways i seemsed to clean everyday was a bit obsested (spelling) but i have chilled out a bit no my house never seems to be clean im just to tired to do it half the time after running round after the other 2 all day lol xxx
  • hi sammy just saying hello only joined last night got 45 days left cant wait fancy a chat.
  • hi BIGBEAR how are you??? 45 days it will soon be here lol i got 81 days left this is my 3rd i have a boy 4 and girl 2 already and this one is a boy. im 22 and live in liverpool bla bla bla lol. feel free to email me at [email protected] take care xx
  • hello me lil mate jojo hows it going? I think im getting that nesting thing now!! I've moved all furnature round in living room 2day!! ha ha. Omg i was looking in argos 2 day & therew was a doll called baby alexa!! Youll HAVE to get Alexa one!! he he. xx
  • omg iv just seen it now it says its for age 3 and over though but il have to buy it an put it away for her ha ha. I havent got the grant Sammy I might be able to get it wen shes born an I can get tax credits but il have to wait until then its pooh all I get until shes born is my smp of ??108 a week. I hope I get the nesting bug I keep having to make myself do things I wish I wasnt so lazy ha ha. Kate ya big busy bee I want some of your energy my bump is startin to get uncomfortable now coz its gettin so heavy. Iv got no plans for this week has anyone else? xx
  • Hi girls how are we all??? i see no one has been on for days lol we all must be busy people..
    how you feeling jo not long now i got 11 weeks i cant belive how quick this pregnacie has gone it feels like i only found out i was pregnant yestoday lol.
    Heard 2 weeks for me now lol kids just broke up from school for 2 weeks HELP lol hopefully the weather will go nice so i can take them out instead of being stuck in the house. anyway take care all love loads sammy xx
  • Hi girlies, I know this page is quiet this wk theres nothing new to tell tho had a quiet wk went the pub for a few hours last night, it was a bit borin though all the pubs by mine r pooh. Do u drink round by r's Sammy? I just cant wait till I can get pissed oh well not long now, I probly wont even want to wen i can its just caose I cant now. At least the next 2 weeks will fly for ya Sammy. I went the midwife on Thurs and had to wait an hour and a half cause she was running behind I was fumin my nxt appt isnt for 2 wks il be 38 wks by then. Hope ur well Kate an you too Ruth, speak soon luv Jo xx
  • hi all.... i went out a couple weeks back and found it really boring to lol dont see the point when you cant have a good night with a few drinks lol. i dont really drink round here jo all the pubs are a load of shit i tend to just stick to town lol but my fella drinks in the flat iron all the time (when its open)
    Dont waitin to see the midwife suck when i first went to see her i was waiting a bout an hour it done my head in whats the point of appointment systems if they cant stick to it lol i go and see mine tomorrow and hopefully all my checks will be at home after that coz im planning on having a home birth.

    anyways take care all chat soon xxx
  • Hiya everyone, I know what you mean about the pubs by ours Sammy iv been in the flat iron a few times but normally we either go to the Willow bank or the Lutine Bell if im with Paul, they are both pooh but we have a laugh. if im wiv my mates we go to town or west derby. Im starting to get a bit bored now I just want the days to go by as quick as possible but im trying not too think about things too much cause that will only make things drag. What midwife do you go to, mine is the one on Priory medical cebtre on Belmont grove they are always behind in there every week though. Kate and Ruth are ya both excited for ya 20 wk scans? Not long too wait now, speak soon all luv Jo xx
  • Hey jo im in the doctors on breckfield road north went yes2day and the dum ass who made my appointment for me made it with the nurse and they said i could not see the midwife till the 17th apr coz she was fully booked i went made but my midwife rang me and said i can go see her today at 1:30 so a bit happyer now lol swaer to gos every person who works in that doctors need to go back to school coz there thick lol never mind.
  • hey girls! sorry havent been on for ages been really busy!
    only 15 days till my scan now carnt wait!! scared that it will have its legs crossed tho!! carnt wait to find out! then i can start buyin! ive only got the car seat so far!!
    hope u are all ok xxx
  • hi girly goo's!!!! How ru all?!! I got 15 days til my scan too!! and if it has it's legs crossed i'l refuse 2 get off the bed til it un crosses them !! ha ha ha. How the hell are you all?!!
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