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  • what time is urs kate??
  • Hi Ruth.. my scan's at 4.20pm. I asked 4a l8 one so Paul doesnt have to miss 2 much of work. And it's dead quiet at the hospital @ that time. What time's yours hun?! xx
  • Hiya everyone, I cant wait for ya both to find out what ya having? Are you both gonna ask? When I had my scan the girl said I think its a girl but im not sure, I was gutted so I got a private sexing scan and a 4d scan done cause im far to impatient to wait to find out the sex. Oooh 21 days for me now I cant believe its gonna be over soon.Its gonna feel so weird not bein pregnant x
  • Hey girls good luck ruth and katie on your scans hope everythink gose to plan for you?? what are you both hopping for boy or girl or dont you mind???
    How have you all been anyways?
    i have not been to good been suffering from REALLY bad pains at the top of my bump and in y back i was crying from it this morning it was that bad i could heardly breath im telling you i would rather go into labour everyday then put up with the pans i have been getting i rang the ozzy just to see what they say and the midwife said it sounds like a build up of acied tell you what it not nice but apart from thet i been fine lol.
    only 10 weks left for me now cant wait till its all over. still not even started buying things yet all i have done is payed the deposit off me pram lol think i better get my ass into gear lol na i decided im going next week to get everythin i need.

    anyways take care all love loads sammy xx
  • Hi girls, aww Sammy I hope your feelin better soon is there nothing you can take to get rid of the pains or the acid build up causing them, Dont worry about everything you need im sure it will all come together soon enough. You will probly find you have loads of stuff still from your other kids that you can use.10 weeks left that will fly by, Im starting to feel really big and achey now and I just cant get comfy. I wish I would go into labour like now I really dont wanna go overdue x
  • hey my scan is at 140 so hospital will prob be really busy!! never thought about timing when it was booked!! image oh well hope fully babs will do as its told and not cross its legs!!
    am hoping for a girl but every one thinks am goin to have a boy!! it sounds really baad but i will be upset if its a boy am sure ill get over it once it here tho!!!
  • hi girlies!!! Jojo i bet ya cant w8 now just 4 her 2b here now! Im hoping 4a girl but as long as it's healthy i really dont care. I havent bought a thing yet either!! Im waiting 2 find out what it is 1st coz if it is another boy ive more or less got everything fom Jack still XX
  • Hiya, no I cant wait im starting to get a bit impatient though and just want her to be born its horrible to think I could still have nearly 5 wks if I go overdue. Ruth you've just reminded me of my scan when she said I think its a girl but im not sure, we left the hospital and Paul looked gutted when I asked him what was wrong he said I dont want a girl I want a boy, hes got used to the idea now though iv told him he can have a boy next time I just hope the next one is a boy or he'll try and make me keep going till he gets one ha ha. Hope you all have a lovely wkend, has anyone got any plans? xx
  • well my boyfriend wants a girl its cos we are used to having my niece all the time!
    but if we get a boy he can take it the match and stuff!!
    he thinks he will be takin the girl to but i've said its goin to be a girly girl like me!! lol
  • Ha ha I was always a tomboy my dad always took me too the match so Alexa will probly be like that too ha ha. Im girly with clothes and makeup and stuff, and I love pink, but im a bit of a tomboy cause I love goin down the pub an watchin the footy, an I like goin the match too but cant really afford it lately. lol x
  • hi all... whats everyone up?? hope you all have a good easter anyways...
    im not to bad just trying to think of baby names lol think we have decided to name him JACK.. not long now jo soon be here.
    anyway take care all love loads sammy xx
  • hi sammy Jack's a lovely name, How ru all?
  • Iya everyone aww Jack is a lovely name Sammy, Kates got a little Jack too an he's gorgeous. Iv only got 15 days left and im so bored I just want the time to go fast and its like its goin backwards. All iv done is eat chocolate me and Paul must have got about 10 easter eggs so il probly be putting about 10 stone on in the next 2 wks ha ha. Iv gat the m/wife again on thurs il let ya no how it goes x
  • Hi girls glad to hear your all ok 15 days will fly by hun then its just the wait after them 15 days of wil she come today if you go over lol. hope that makes sence lol. God anit the weather gone rubbish cant seem to make it mind up what it wants to do lol.
    im going shoping tomorrow for all my baby stuff cant wait lol im buying all blue so them bloody midwifes better not of got the sex wrong when i went for my scan lol or i will not be happy. good luck for thursday jo hope all gose well. im having my checks at home from now on with having a home birth so im just waiting for midwife to get in contat with me now which should be someday soon. anyways take care all xxx
  • hi girly goo's!! Hope ya all ok. Im abs fumin... went hospital other day coz i had a bleed an turns out day b4 i had Jack i gotta swab done then i went in2 labour that nite. The day after i had him the results come bk that i have this thing called group b strep and if Jack had of caught it while i was in labour he could have been really really ill! So when im in labour this time i gotta have antibiotics thru a drip to stop the baby gettin it. The nurse gave me a leaflet an turns out a quarter of women have this. Im really angry that nobody is routinely checked for this as it can be serious!

    Anyhoo jojo i cant believe u only have 15 days left!! All i've eaten is chocolate too!! How is everyone?!!
  • Hi girls Kate thats terriible that they didnt tell ya earlier, they should of checked Jack out more too at the time, ppl should get the option of bein checked for this. I cant wait till all the easter eggs have gone weve got 5 left an I just want them gone so I can stop eating chocolate ha ha. Pauls in work now, hes gonna have a word with his boss coz he's a HGV driver for home an bargain delivering to the shops at night but they keep sending him to newcastle so im fucked if I go in labour an hes in newcastle hes gonna ask them to start keepin him local I hope they do, did ya get anything nice when ya went shopping Sammy? I know I cant believe I will be announcing my birth soon il still talk to yer all wen im not pregnant tho x
  • Hi all!! Jojo I cant believe it's come around so soon!! When we 1st started chattin April seemed ages away. My m8 gotta 4d scan done 2day in Litherland, an she found out she's havin a girl she's made up. She's gonna call her Poppy. If this 1 is a girl we've decided on Elanor or Ellie 4 short. But im convinced it's a boy I just have 1 of them feelings!! Hope ya all ok!! Xxx
  • hey girlies i fogot i started this thread lol anyway im ruth and i have a jack who is 2! who is also a poorly boy at the mo, chicken pox, septic tonsilitous and a sty on his eye bless him! his a little soldier tho and is still happy! anyway how are you all?? jo jo you due soon arent you?? good luck!! how is everyone else?? good luck to the girls that are having scans soon!
  • Hi girls, I know I cant beieve im due in 11 days iv got to go the womens on wednesday cause im really terrified of going overdue, so iv got to discuss how far over I can go go before they will give me an induction, they will probly say 10 days but il try to make them do it earlier, thats if I dont go early anyway but I doubt I will. Hi Ruth I hope your lil Jack is better soon aww, it must be hard when your little one is poorly, iv got all this to come soon. Kate its your scan this wk I cant wait I like Ellie thats lovely, I think ya will be having a girl but we'll see, did anyone have any luck on the national I didnt I never do ha ha xx
  • yeah my boyf won on silver birch! no idea where mine was tho! jo jo it usually is 10 days you know they booked me in for one because my waters went on the weds, so booked me in fo the sun, but i had jack the thurs anyway! (i was due the sat). Jacks a bit better his chicken pox is getting a bit itchy now tho trying to stop him itching and his throats bothering him to, hope you dont mind me asking but how old is everyone?? im 21
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