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  • hi girls how is everyone????
    im not to bad weather doing my head in with the bump and all makes it ten time worst lol. I got almost everythink in for baby now just a few more clothes for him them im done. 11 days jo wish i only had 11 days but i guess im not t hat far behind only 8 weeks for me now it will soon be here the last 2 weeks have gone relly slow but i think thats coz the kids are off school but they go back tomorrow at long last lol.
    no luck with the national mine feel on the first bloody jump but my aunt won 1st and 3rd place so she got about ??60 back from that.
    hope jakes better soon ruth poor little thing how old is he??? im 22 and got a 4 year old boy and 2 year old girl and im having a boy thins time round and where calling him JAKE lol i cant belive im gonna have 3 kids its gonna be heard work lol defo no more for me not in a millons years.
    anyways take care all talk soon love loads sammy xxx
  • my jacks was 2 in november had a really bad day with him today he is tying to itch his spots, sammy have any of yous had it yet do you know how long it takes for the spots to go?? how is everyone else doing?? bet your all getting excited with your little ones on the way you all making me broody!!!
  • hey girly goo's!!!!! Hows it goin soz i havent been on 4a while been sooooo busy made up weather's been nice i can put washin out now h8 it all hangin round the house,
    Cant w8 4 my scan it's on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! I'm hoping 4a girl but am not bothered!! I'll let u all know!! How ru all anyhoo?
  • wednesday will come quick hun only tuesday left now! bet u r so excited!! will be thinking of you hope all goes well and everything is fine! are you finding out what sex the baby is or not?? i did with jack but when i have my next i think ill have a suprise! how is everyone?
  • hello ruth!! And everyone else.. yes i'l HAVE to find out the sex.. im like a big kid at christmas i couldn't possibly wait!! ha ha ha. I only have to wait now til 2mora!!! woo hoo!! I just wanna know all is ok and healthy. I hope it hasn't got it's legs crossed tho!! ha ha.
    I found out with my Jack too. I'd really love a girl but my gut feeling says boy!! Ruth did u do the chinese chart on here? It was right about my Jack and it says girl this time. I'll let u all know if it's right 2mora xx
  • hey every one only one day for me now to well just tonight really!! its gettin very confusing with there being another ruth on here lol!! not used to it no one is called ruth these days!! i carnt wait till tomorrow am tryin not to think about it tho cos the time will go dead slow if i do!! i've got to rush to work after the scan witch am a bit gutted about but i'll come on and tell ya when i get home!!
    good luck for tomorrow k8 hope all is ok!!
    ruth xxx
  • Hi girls, good luck kate and Ruth for your scans tomorrow im so excited for ya both, iv got 9 days left although this site says iv got 8 so hopefully you will get some baby news from me soon, I havent been on for a while cause iv had no news to tell anyone, iv got my hospital appt 2morrow so il let yas know how it went too, xxx
  • hi girls 2day's the big day 4 me n u ruth!!! im all excited! Ruth hope all's ok speak l8r xxx
  • Hi girls lets know how you both get on today, I went the hospital and she booked me in for 3rd May but she reckons il go before that, she did a sweep on me and im already 1 and a 1/2cm dialated an she said my membranes are bulging whatever that means, so hopefully that will bring my labour on early I hope so xxx
  • hi girlies!!!!!!! it's a PINK ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so made up!!!!! ha ha ha. Gonna go shopping 4 all pink stuff soon!! XXXX
  • Hi girls hope your all ok not been on for a few days been a bit busy. congrats on your llittle girl k8 just whet you wanted mafe up for you. 3rd may jo thats my birthday how made whould that be if you had baby then with us only living 2 strrts away from each other as well lol.
    how did you scan go ruth must be good news as she not been on here to tell us yet to excited and telling everyone lol hope thats the case anyways.

    after you have your 28 week check when do you have you next one?? coz im 32 weeks this week and waiting for the midwife to ring me to come out and see me but still not heard anythink im in to minds to ring her just incase she not got my number because i cant remember if i gave her it at my last check anyways take care all sammy xxx
  • Hi girls, congartulations K8, im made up for ya hun, aww ur having a girl like me, your lil family will be complete now with one of each. Thats weird Sammy being ur bday on the 3rd, she reckons il go before that though but at least I no that 2 wks 2moro is the last possible day I will meet my girl. I cant believe we only live 2 streets away from each other every time I go the shop I look out for a pregnant girl with 2 lil kids but I havent spotted ya yet lol. Does anyone know how long it takes after a sweep if it works to go in labour? I really hope my one has worked but im scared to get my hopes up xxx
  • hey every one!! my is a pink one too!!!!! so soooooooo made up she had her legs touchin her head so they was wide open have to have a talk to her about that when she comes out lol!! am goin pink shoppin today!!!
    congrats kate bet ya are made up u was hopin for a girl to wasent ya??
    good luck jo hope it all happens for ya soon!! am sure it will sounds like ya are already on ya way!! ruth xxx
  • Hi Ruth aww congaratulations three of us with pink ones ha ha, when I went for my private scan Alexa had her legs wide open and up in the air too ha ha, my Paul said shes getting locked up till shes 40 ha ha. Good luck all of you an il let ya know as soon as I get some baby news, Jo xxx
  • hi all thanx 4 all ya kind words!!! made uo 4u ruth. let us no if u c any nice clothes!! jojo i had a sweep then that nite i had jack so worked 4 me!! good luck!! let us no xx
  • congrats ruth on your little girl i feel the odd one out now lol the only one havig a boy lol oh well never mind knowing my luck when i go into labour he will be a girl lol. everuone keeps saying to me that im carrying all front and that happens wjhen u have a girl but i keep saying it better not be coz i have got all blue lol just my luck for that to happen lol.

    i think i might have seen you the other day jo have you got long blonded hair?? i seem a pregnant girl walking down clampham bout week ago lolbut then saying that i seen a red haired girl standying at the bus stop to lol. you probably want see me that often round and about the shops i dont really go round that often i send my bf lol got him well trained lol. anyways take care all xxxx
  • Iya girls, yes Sammy iv got long blonde hair it probly was me, sometimes I have the dog with me too iv got a little white fluffy dog, you will have to call round an see the baby when she gets here. At least you have already got ur little girl I want a boy next time so il have one of each ha ha I best shut up an get this baby out 1st ha ha. I wish my sweep worked K8 but im still here so I dont think it did, the phone has been ringing all day with ppl asking "you still here, any news?" It does my head in as if im gonna have the baby an not tell anyone, ha ha I think I might just do that xxx
  • hi jojo... was just thinking bk 2 when i had Jack (while walking around Aintree asda! ha) and i actually had TWO sweeps. One on my due date which did nothing but the 2nd one got things moving- rather quikly in fact!! haha. Just bought some PINK babygro's and vests 2 match from Asda. Couldn't help it!!

    Anyway, the reason i had the 2nd sweep was i thought my waters were coming out slowly cause i had big wet patches on my pants! (too much info-sorry) Anyhoo i went in and she did it again, And the rest is history!! ha haha. xx
  • Im not seeing the m/wife till nxt thurs now which is my due date so im gonna ask her to do another one, I keep thinkin my waters have gone its horrible I think its just watery discharge, I just need to get through the next 2 wks as fast as i can, im gonna clean my kitchen cupboards out 2nite mabye that will get things movin ha ha x
  • i went to george and only spent 20 pound but got loads!!! was made up!! still need loads more tho!! got to get vests and things but i get side tracked and end up buyin the nice clothes!! goin to manchester in a few wekks for a big baby shop!!!
    ruth xxx
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