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  • Hi all how are we today??? im not to bad apart from alot of pain in my upper legs and lady area lol think im suffering from that SPD will no all when i see midwife on next week. ye jo i will defo pop up an see you when u had baby not long now im counting the days sown for you wishing it was me lol. think i seen you again today or who i think is you lol walking down hornsly rd bout 5ish and crossing priory rd with your fella (i think lol) if it was u i was crossing priory the sam time as you to go home...
    Anyways im off to sort these kids out for bed and get a bit of peace lol chat later take care all xxx
  • OH my god girls did you's know jojo has had alexa?? all is fine anyhoo and she did it just with gas & air.. All the details are in the pregnancy forum!!! Im soooo happy 4 her you'd think it was me!! hah a ha xx
  • CONGRATS jo made up for you girl. just all the sleepless nights to do now lol take it easy hun and well done xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi girls, iv just found enough time to pop on here while my babe is sleeping ha ha, hope you are all well I cant believe my girl is here the labour was horrible though she got her cord stuck round her neck when my waters went and had to get took away to get ressucitated when she came out but she was fine after that it was really scary though, im just so happy shes here, and she is such a good baby she hardly cries and sleeps loads that will probly change soon though ha ha, speak soon all lv me xx
  • hi jo glad everythink is ok with u and baby and i cant wait for mine to be born now just over 7 weeks to go so he will soon be here. anyway girl take it easy and dont worry about having to comeon here till your feeling alot better take care anyway hun xxx
  • aww congrats jojo i bet your glad that shes here safe now well done you!! and well done for the pink bumps as well girls! we should do a meet up in liverpool xxx
  • well done jo glad it all went ok!!
    ruth xx
  • wheres all the liverpool mummys gone lol. how are you all anyway? xx
  • Im still here im not pregnant anymore, but I am a mummy I just dont get as much time to come on here, How are you all? Im taking Alexa out in her pram today for the 1st time she is a wk old today, im lovin bein a mum speak to ya all soon luv Jo xx
  • rrrrr jo how cute is little Alexa you make me what to have my baby now lol. bless her.
    hope she enjoyed her first little day out cant belive she is a week old already it only seems like you where on here yes2day telling us you had had her how time flys.

    guess i have not got that long left now 7 hole weeks and counting each and every day like a big kids waiting for xmas lol.

    Anyway take care everyone and hope to bump into you soon jo so i can see little Alexa in the flesh xxxx
  • hey how is everyone? we are fine took jack swimming yesterday and he loved it, hes over the chicken pox now yay!! how are the bumps and babies?
  • hello girls how are we all??? im not to bad here getting feed up now carrying baby round 6+4 weeks to go so not to long now but it seem to be going REALLY slow now lol. glad to hear jack is no longer suffering from chicken pox.
    how is baby alexa jo i know you dont come on much now but i hope you are both well.
    anyways im off now talk to you all soon take care everyone xx
  • Hi everyone our liverpool mummies page is slowing down lately, iv been really busy too, hope you are all well im fine its hard work having a baby though but Alexa is really good 6 wks should fly for you now Sammy you never know he may be early too xx
  • Hi all liverpool mummys where have you all gone? everythink seems to have gone really quite since jo had baby. anyways how are the bumps??
    mine getting there now 5 weeks left and counting. i was ment to be going away at the end of may but think i will stay put as knowing my luck i will go into labour why away lol. anyways hope your all well and hope to see you all on here again soon love sammy xxxx
  • hey sammy how long have you got left now? how are u feeling?? how is everyone elses bumps? and how is little Alexa?? jacks really good been taking him swimming loads lately
  • Hi hun glad jack liek swimming my 2 are not really keen on it they dont like it when people splash the water in there face lol.
    Im not to bad i olny have 4weeks 4 days to go and i cant wait forit all to be over now its driving me mad lol. hope everyone else is ok xxxx
  • awww hun it dags in the last couple of weeks doesnt it! not long now tho hey?? bet you getting excited!
  • Hi hun ye im really excited now with only 4 weeks to g hopefully i will go into labour before the 4 weeks are up but who knows lol. Dont know where all the other liverpool mummys have got to its gone really quite since jo had baby but i hope there all ok. xxx
  • me and my partner have decided to try for baby number2 i am so excited!! aw 4 weeks will fly by sammy make sure u get as much sleep as possible!! how are everyone elses bumps and babies?
  • Hey rrrr im mad up for ya hun hope if all happens quick for you then you will soon have the bump to talk about lol keeps us updated on how thinngs are going and good luck. 4 weeks i no cant belive it this pregnacie has gone really quick it only seems like yes2day i found out i was pregnant lol as for the sleep things dont really get alot with having 2 to run round all day after lol but one good things is they go to bed a 7pm so i got the whole night to myself but im one of them people who dont go to bed till about 1am 2 am in the morning andup again at 8am to get my oldest ready for school but i guess i better start getting used to going to bed early now or when babys here im never gonna sleep lol. i was going to go to devon on tuesday for a week but i was a bit scared incase i go into labour why down there with only having a few weeks and i could go into labour anytime now really so i thought i better stay put here in liverpool lol knowing my luck i would go into labour on the M6 or somethink lol and if this labour is as quick as my last one (30 mins) the birth catificat (spelling) will look funny where is say place of birth M6 lol anyways hope that made sence got a bit carryed away chatting rubbish lol anyways take care all and good luck with TTC xxxxx
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