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  • Hi girls how is everyone doing??? Went for a check up with the midwife today and she said babys head in full enganed and really low so hopefull little Jack will be coming into the world soon. but saying that i only hae 3 and half weeks left so i not got that much longer now anyways lol. Tell you what girls if you have not yet been to buy all your baby cloths and stuff go to asda they have got some REALLY nice things for girls and boy and there all really cheep. i went there today for a nose and got all rest of my baby stuff so im all done now (apart from the nappies). Anyways im gonna love ya and leave ya now take care all xxxx
  • hey hun wheres everyone else?? i still get some of my jacks t shirts from asdas they are really good and cheap! i finish college in 5 weeks!! got my exams in june! this year has gone really quick! hope all is okay with the bumps and babies! sammy have you tried taking you two down to jungle world yet? i took jack today he always loves it there!
  • Hi hun god know where everyone else has gone they have all seemed to gone since jo had baby. Everythink is going ok here with bump and me lol just waiting to hear from the home birth team should be in the next few weeks i hope so anyways lolcoz my midwife said i dont need to see her at the doctors no more as they are coming to see me. No never heard of jungle world wheres that? i will have to take my 2 before i have baby as not gonna be doin alot for a couple weeks after xx
  • are you planning a home birth then? its where the 051 used to be?? the club? its a soft play area now is good you can sit and have a cup of tea and let them run wild lol where abouts in liverpool do you live?
  • Hi hun ye im having a home birth if all goses to plan lol. i will have to defo take the kids there if my baby dosent decide to arrive before he 16th june i think i will take my little lad there for his birthday. i live in anfield so not to far to get there. where bouts do you live?? Anyways hun gonna have to go now going to pick my pram up today and get the last few bits i need chat soon xxx
  • Hey girls final got a phone call off the home birth team this morning after waiting about 4 bloody weeks lol. there coing to drop everythink off today and then coming back on tuesday to see me.
    only 14 dasy left for me now but had no signs that he wants to come out any time soon so think i will still be stilling her waiting by the end of the 14 days lol. hows everyone else infact i will just say hi to you jacks mummy coz your the only one who comes on here now (sorry dont know are your name)
    Anyways let you know how i get on with babys if i dont come on before but not doubt i will be silly here at 42 weeks have have to get indued (hope not lol) anyways bye xxxxxx
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