Am I depressed?

Any thoughts? My mum says I need to talk to the doc but I think I'm ok - maybe just a bit highly strung. I seem to spin out a bit if something upsets me. For example, I go out for the first time at the weekend have a drink and come back at 2am (all previously agreed with my other half) where he's asleep. Next morning he had a bigger hangover than me and needed paracetemol. I span out about him being irresponsible. Am I out of order? Am I over-reacting?


  • that sounds like a totally normal reaction to me, if he's looking after the l/o he shouldn't be getting that drunk!
    how old is your l/o?
    if you think your o.k and don't think in hindsight that you did completely overreact to a situation then i don't think you need to see the doc. x.
  • i definatley dont think your over reacting! your oh knew you were going out to get drunk and shouldnt have been getting that drunk himself. id have had a go at my oh if he did the same. i would have been thinking what if something had of happened or one of the kids was taken ill and we were both too drunk to cope with it.
    if you dont feel depressed then i dont see why you should need medical help. im highly strung too lol but thats just my personality, theres nothing wrong with me.
  • Thanks guys, that's reassuring. A few people have called me high maintenance over the years!!!!
    Sophie is going to 5 months on Tuesday - can't believe how time flies. Yours?
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