Any mums given birth at blake birth centre, Gosport?

I have the choice of going to Blake or saint Marys to have my baby, due in July and think Blake sounds nicer, but am not sure what to expect. Apparently it is for mums who are low risk and is less like a hospital environment which sounds great but I am a bit worried incase something goes wrong and they don't have all the equipment to deal with this? Would love to hear from any mums who have given birth here or are due to.


  • Hi, im due in July and i also have the choice to have my baby at Blakes or St Marys .... my midwife is really lovely and when i see her next im going to talk to her about having my baby at Blakes as its near to home and sounds nice & lovely there.
  • Oh thats great, we might see each other there then! When in July are you due? I'm due July 27th although my last was 9 days early and have a feeling this one may be early too!! Who is your midwife?xxx

    Thanks for that dizzyizzy, it sounds very appealing now! I have already decided to go there so can't wait
  • Im due on 21st July but we think it might arrive early (fingers crossed!!). My midwife name is Lorna Eves.
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