Hi im new looking for friends

Hi all, i m new on here looking for friends to chat to as im billy no mates!
Im mum to 3 girls who are 9,5 and 18 months,im from bham but doesnt matter where your from as long as you like to chat.Im a bit of a pramoholic to date dd3 has had on last count 35 since being born,Im a full time mummy hoping to add to our family soon.Im planning on going back to college jan and learning to drive in new year as well as i hate buses! hope to hear from you all soon :\?


  • Hi I've got 3 kids too, boys of 19 and 3 and 1yr old daughter. Im no where near B/ham, actually from nth Wales. Cant believe yv had 35 prams :lol::lol:!! What do you do with em all?

    Im ftm too, but am starting a home study course in Jan. Not planning on adding to my family, mostly due to my age (39!!!! OMG!!!) 'tho not doing anything to prevent it either! :lol:

    Take care n will speak to you soon! ;\)
  • hi,i am on baby number 3 due on jan 3rd,i have a boy of 14 and another boy of 9.Been told this baby is a girl so fingers crossed.Im from Liverpool and im 33.Ialso love prams but im nowhere near your record ha ha.
  • hi i am new to this to i have 3 boys 8,4and3 and due for my 4th on july 7th i really hope it is a girl,i am from devon and i am 25
  • Hi i am on baby number 3 to i have a girl of 5 a boy of 17 weeks and 13 0r14 weeks pg with third which wasnt planned bit of an accident with the condom and morning after pill.I think am due on the 8th july but will get that confirmed on the 15th of jan. I am 27 and from cumbria.
    vikki xx
  • hi, ive just got the 1. she has just turned 1 (xmas day) we are near preston. i learnt to drive whilst pg and its the best and hardest thing i ever did. would hate to be without my car now. good luck with that. happy new year
  • hi, i've got three boys 3,2 and 1yrs old. am from blackburn and am 23 yrs old, am also a full time mum.
  • wow you sound like your going to be busy in 2008!!! "a bit of a pramoholic" sounds like an understatement to me!!! lol! think i've had 3 and i have 2 kids eldest is 4, l/o is 11 months (1yr end of month)

    (email me too if you want to chat, also have msn!)
  • hi im from suffolk i have 3 kids 2 girls aged 10 and 4 and a boy 8 months notr sure if gonna have any more yet would love another boy but ya cant garantee it can you lol so might quit while im ahead as my 10 year old is a right handfull at mo and since lo was born i aint had a full nites sleep im getting old now cant handle sleepless nites especially when other half dont help
  • I hope this has gone where it was sposed to go - new to this lol!! Have one boy 4 on 29th feb and am 2 months pregnant at the moment live in ilford essex -- Hope it's true what they say that no 2 kids are the same as my son was a nightmare baby - woke up on the hour every hour!! so hoping the next one is more relaxed and sleeps more!!!
  • hi, i'm new to this site. also looking for friends. ive got a one year old son, i'm 17 weeks pregnant. really can't wait to give birth. hope labour comes naturally and i give birth not too long thereafter. last time i was induced, was really painful. had epidural, it woked like magic. i hope i'm posting this correctly.
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