New mum

Hello everybody, well I dont no where to start as Im very new to all of this, im a new mum to a gorgeous little boy who I had in december 2006.;\)


  • Hi. I've got two boys age 18 months and 10 weeks. Sara. x
  • Hi alibaba
    I've got a 14 week old son, called Harrison. What's your lo called?

    Sammi and Harrison
  • Hello sammi and baby Harrison, my son's name is Mitchell and his 6 and a half months old. Im enjoying motherhood very well.
  • Hi Sara, whats the name of your boys? My son is Mitchell. Alison x
  • Hi Alison, Their names are Jake and Rowan. Where are you from? Sara.x
  • Hello Sara, that was a quick response hehe. I like those names. Im from Suffolk, what about you? Alison x
  • I live in Gloucestershire. Sara. x
  • Ok, quite a long way from suffolk lol!
    Sara do you plan on having more children? If so, would you like a girl as you have 2 boys? (i no when we have a child were happy no matter what sex of your baby is, as long as he/she is healthy)
  • Hi Alibaba.
    Yep we plan on having another but not for a few years yet!!! It would be nice to have a girl but am not bothered either way! If its another boy he'll just have to wear pink!!!
    Sara. x
  • Sara, you wouldn't do that to your baby unless you want him to turn gay!!! lol
    I'd like to have another baby roundabout a 2yr age gap, but who no's what will happen. Just have to wait and see!!
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