Hi, I'm New

Hi every1, I'm 21 with a 1yr old daughter. Just moved to Halstead, Essex from London so looking for some new friends to chat with.


  • Hiya, I'm new too, well first time posting today anyway!
    I'm Linda, with a 14 month old daughter called Emily, look forward to chatting to you soon x
  • hia im Heather and also have a daughter whos just turned 13 months. Im also 19 weeks pregnant with my 2nd!i must be mad! im on most days so if u wana chat jus reply!!take care x
  • Hi Heather. How you finding your pregnancy this time around? I keep thinking about trying for another baby, but we said we will wait until Emily is 2 and decide what we are doing then. Is your daughter walking yet? x
  • Hi Linda & Heather thanks for replying. I'm trying for another baby, should no within the next couple of weeks. It only took me two months before so hopefully will be lucky this time as well. Where r u from? Ashley isn't walking yet but standing by herself so won't be long. She hasn't got any teeth yet?! Jade x
  • Hi ladies, just wanted to say hi, hope you're all OK!
  • Hiya Suzaie how's u? the pic is gorgeous, how olds your little 1?
  • Hi again. just been having my lunch image

    We are from Preston in Lancashire.

    Emily is also standing and cruising the furniture, so won't be long before she is walking now. I just hope she waits until we get back from our holidays, we go to Lindos in Rhodes next week.

    I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up!!!! she has her 10th tooth popping through now, they all seemed to come at once after the first three.

    Are you doing anything nice today? x Good luck ttc xxx
  • When did Emily get her 1st tooth? I still can't believe Ashley hasn't got her 1st one through yet. We have a 10 week old puppy, Ashley's birthday present from auntie so I'v got my hands full looking after them both. They're driving me made already lol.
  • Emily got her 1st tooth at 6 months. You might wake up one morning and find she has a mouthful of teeth, lol.

    I bet its lots of fun having a new puppy around the place.

    Has Ashley had the MMR jab? Emily has come out in a rash which they said might happen so Ive just got to pop to the chemist and get some calamine lotion! Will chat again later x
  • Hopefully, can't be gummy all her life. Fun? Haven't quite made up my mind yet lol. Lets just say they're keeping me on my feet. She's due the MMR next month, hope Emily's rash gets better soon. x
  • Hi again, I'm good thanks, that's my little man Jake, he's just coming up to 6 months. I go back to work after mat leave next week, so a bit fed up about that! lc123, where in Preston are you? I grew up in Blackpool, although I live near Oxford now.x
  • Well, back from the chemist with loads of essentials for our holidays. I dont quite know how I am going to fit my things in the case with all Emilys things. Usually I take everything but the kitchen sink!!! lol

    Are you off anywhere this year? Im so ready for a holiday.... I last went when I was 12 weeks pregnant and couldnt drink......it was a nightmare being at an all inclusive place!!! ha ha.

    Speak to you soon x
  • Hiya Suzaie, Your little man is very cute!!!

    I live in Lea, not to far away from Kirkham with my hubbie and little lady! It sad that time flies by when you are on mat leave isnt it. I've been back at work part time for 7 months now and I promise you its ok. You will be fine chick xx
  • No holiday plans yet, I can't remember the last time I went abroad lol. Think it was about 6 years ago, definately due 1!! My boss was a pain wouldn't give me flexible hrs so had to jack it in. Looking for another 1 but if I conceive within the next couple of months il wait until the new arrival. x
  • I hope you get a bfp soon chick, I feel very broody!!!! signing off for now but will chat again tommorow. Have a lovely eve xxx
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