any mums in gloucestershire??


was wondering if theres any mums in gloucestershire.

my msn addy is [email protected] if anyone fancys achat off of here!

Rachael xx



  • Hi Rachael,

    My name is Sara and I live near Cheltenham. I've got 2 boys, Jake (21 months) and Rowan (6 months).
    Where are you from?
  • hi sara,
    i live in hucclecote, gloucester. im 25. ive got 2 kids, my daughter is 3 next month and my boy is 3 wks tomorro.

    yr piccie is cute xx
  • Hi Racheal,

    Tiny baby, how cute, makes me broody but not having any more yet!! Does your daughter like her little brother? Jake adores Rowan but i'm sure that will change as they grow up!!

    Sara. x
  • hi sara

    yea Bayley-Mae adores her brother Cole, shes really good with him, but as u say it will change as they get older lol.
    so are u planning to have more kids??
    Rachael x
  • Hi Rachael,

    Yes, we plan to have one more. We'll start trying in about 18 months time, a bit of a bigger age gap this time!!
    We thought about calling Rowan Cole but decided on Rowan instead!
    Do you want any more children?
    Sara. x
  • hi sara.

    so how are you today?
    i would like another one in a few years but got to persuade my hubby first!
    Rachael x
  • Hi Rachael,

    We are all good today, how about you and your little brood? I'm sure you can persuade your hubby for another. We said from the start that we wanted 3 children, my partner really wants 4 but i've said no way!!!
    My e-mail address is: [email protected] if you want to use that?!
    Sara. x
  • we ok ta, my daughter being a pain in the arse though, she going through a real naughty phase, at my wits end!!
    my hubby onlys wanted two so got alt of persauding to do!!
    ive saved yr msn addy x
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