Big wobbly 'flap' on tummy after c-section - so depressed

I have an 8 month old baby and have lost about 50% of the weight I gained during pregnancy. However, I don't feel that my tummy will ever be quite the same again. I had a big baby (10lb 14 oz).

Has anyone else had a c-section (or normal birth for that matter) and found that they have a big kind of wobbly flap on their tummy, especially when they sit down?

I don't know if this is an after-effect of having a c-section, as the area feels quite numb too, or if it happens to everyone after giving birth. I have tried to diet and as I say, have lost abouyt 50% of what I wanted to lose. But before I gave birth I could get away with being a few pounds heavier than ideal, but my tummy was not like this. I feel like my muscle layer is hidden so far down it will never surface again. I know I do still have weight to lose but it doesn't seem to be shifting from this problem area. Maybe I should consider liposuction or something. It is really gettimg me down, unless I wear a loose top you can see rolls of flab through my t-shirt when I am sitting - I found this put when seeing some horrendous photos! Anyone else been here?

Any advice appreciated
Thanks xx

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  • Hi there!
    I had to av an emergency c-section with my 2nd daughter and i have a 'flap'!! i no how you feel i hate it, and in the middle of my belly it is still numb i have no sensation there still and my daughter is now 2, (sorry not want u want to hear!!) its very weird!!
    Adele xximage
  • I call it my pouch! My son's 9 mths old now and I had to have an emergency c-section. I've also lost a fair bit of my pregnancy weight and am wearing a dress size higher than before, but at the mo, don't feel like I'll ever fit back into my old clothes. My belly seems to balloon as soon as I eat, even the smallest thing & I look about 6 mths pregnant the first couple of days I come on (sorry maybe tmi there!). It's still numb around the scar too. I've invested in some "on the waist" jeans as that holds in all in a bit better, rather than leaving it to hang over the hipsters I used to wear. I'm desperately trying to tone it up with returning to work and 10 yr school reunion looming!

    I've told my oh that if he wants another baby, he'll have to pay for me to go private and have a tummy tuck at the same time! Not just for vanity but there's no way I'm going through the nhs treatment again.

    Sorry, seem to be babbling on, happy to have found someone else with the same as me image
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