Anyone suffering from post natal depression?

Hi Im a new mum to Josh 8 weeks and am currently on tablets for post natal depression. Is there anyone else who is suffering with this as I feel really isolated at the moment and need to talk to someone who feels the same.

Before I had Josh I worked all my life since the age of 16 which is over 19 years and used to having my own independance.

Then with the breastfeeding every 2 hours which is a nightmare for any mother. I have since decided to put him on formula over the weekend and things are a little less stressful now to say the least. Wish Id have done this sooner now. How do I stop my breasts from filling up with milk?

Having my baby boy is the best thing that has happened to me but I cant get used to the enormous changes and feel I am losing my own identity.

Anyone wanting a chat and to give advice is very much appreciated...


  • HI, i was diagnosed with PND last week, im a new mum to Ellie who is 5 weeks old today. i felt so overwhelmed after she was born, i had a bad pregnancy with bleeding, high bloodpressure, low amniotic fluid, pregnancy rash and loads more. Then the birth was so quick, i wasnt sure if i was in labour and when i got to hospital she was born less than an hour later.
    Im not sure if all these things made a differance but from the start my hubby was saying how wonderful she was and the instant love and i just kept thinking that i was just tired and would feel it later but i didnt, dont get me wrong, i do love Ellie but i was so glad when visators came so i didnt have to nurse or feed her and then i got to the point where i resented her for crying during the night and would just lye in bed crying.
    Ive been on antidepressants now for 5 days and i know they dont work that quick but i feel relief that someone listened to me, i was also afraid that i would get pestered by the HV because i was convinced that i was a bad mum.
    How are you feeling and are you bottle feeding all the time now? i think there is a tablet you can take for the milk but you should ask your doctor, i found the cabbage leaves cooled in the fridge a big help but my milk never came in because of steroids for the pregnancy rash but my boobs swelled and were very sore.
    Are you married or have a partner? do you have any help with your new baby from family or friends?
    Diane and Ellie. x
  • hi i was diagnosed 3 weeks ago, my lo is 8 months old and i've been struggling for quite a while but putting on a brave face. i've been taking the tablets for 3 weeks and i'm having good days and bad ones. today was a bad one.
    the one really good thing about these tablet are that i've lost half stone since i start taking them but the down side i'm continuously having hot flushes.

    i know what you mean about the independance thing i can't wait to get back to work in march, i can't go back yet strangely i will lose money to back to work.

    you will probably feel better now your bottle feeding and you can share the load. here's a tip, of a night make up two bottles with just water and store them in a advent thermos bag, store the powder in dispensers tommy tippee are best and take them upstairs and add the powder when needed.

    i will keep logging on to chat.

    just remember your not alone.
    Anna and George xx

  • Hi

    i have a 1 year old boy and think that I may have been suffering from PND for the past few months, I tried to talk to me doctor this week but all she did was take blood. I have been losing weight for months now and when I am with my wee one I feel that it is a real struggle. I adore him and am so lucky to have him that I feel terrible when I say that I am knackered, I have been trying to cope on my own and am just so tired and can't see an end to it.

    I have always been a very up beat person and find this feeling weird.

    Does this sound like depression or am I just tired and lonely!!

  • Hi, ive had PND for about 4 months, since my daughter was 5 months old, im on tablets for it. I felt so guilty when I was diagnosed as I have a fantastic support network and an amazing husband. I have good days and bad days but generally things are looking ok.

    now I just have to remember when im feeling low that anyone with 2 kiddies as close as mine feels low and wants to scream sometimes! (there is 10 months 3 weeks between my son and daughter, she is now 9 1/2 months old)

    I use another forum too and they have a long post on it with all the facts about PND, I found it very helpful and made me realise that I am normal and I shouldnt blame myself!
  • Hello my lovely, I dont have PND but i do feel like my whole life has changed since having Joshua 7 months ago...and it has changed. I find that sometimes i am resisting letting Joshua take over my life completely and really trying to keep some of my identity from before he was born. Ive realised now that rather than fight the changes try to go with the flow, take everyday as it comes and dont be hard on yourself. Joshua was born by vonteuse so i had a 3rd degree tear and had to go to theatre to be stitched up and joshua had to go to intensive care cos they thought he'd swallowed meconium. I gave birth at 9pm and didnt see him till 10am next day, as a result i dont think i bonded with him straight away, it was like i loved him but he was someone elses baby if any of this makes sense. I alos couldnt BF, i tried for 3 weeks and eventually went on to decision i made. And after that things got to much easier. 7 months on its still tough sometimes but i would say 95% of the time me and Joshua have so much fun. I cant wait to go back to work 4 days a week, Joshua will be at nursery from January, its just who i am, yes im a mum to a gorgeous lil boy but im also Vicky who loves to shop and work and go to the cinema without her lil boy.

    Sorry to babble on- hope you feel better soon xxx
  • Hi Girls. I started a thread on the support forum,entitled "just been diagnosed with pnd image('' there are quite a few replies which might help you. I got this about 2-3mths ago but I didntt speak tod gpp till I got to breaking point. I kept crying at any point of d day and constantly felt lonely. 3mths on without taking any antid's im much better,but I still get days i feel fed up,lonely etc. I found getting out more helped alot.Im currently trying to find a part time job a few nts a wk. O/h aint really 2 happy but thats because d comfort blanket will have to come off and he will have to deal with Leah alone...........................A little taste of my life!!! I so carnt wait to get back to work.....I too have worked all my life and carnt get used to staying at home and doing mundane jobs which o/h i feel dont appreciate!
    LOL what a moan.........sorry girls. Anyway hope a few tips helped.
  • I feel the same as some people here - I love my baby boy (6 mnonths) but I have never really deep down felt like he was mine or that I was his mum. I have good and bad days, on the bad days I struggle to get out of the house. Sometimes I long for my old life back, other times I can't face the thought of meeting people.
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