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London mamas

Hi i posted before but i as i dont get on the computer very often i thought i would post again. I am a 34 yr old mum of 4 who is ttc no5. i live in nw london and would love 2 here from mums everywhere and anywhere
look forward to speaking soon
luv leigh xxx


  • hi im from london, (south!) i am 19+3 & its my 1st. u have got ur hands full. i take it from ur name on this site that 1 of ur children is called Ruby?? that is the name i want if mine is a girl!!! do u have any boys names u can recommend***
  • Hiya i live in north london with my brood, my lot are called
    Liam, saffron, Ruby and Alex.
    Boys names i like are Lucas, Theo, Oscar, Jack and Archie.
    i am ttc no5 at the moment so i will have to come up with some more names lol.

    good luck with your pregnancy
    love Leigh x

  • Hi Leigh I'm a 33 year old mum of 5. Youngest is 3 weeks oldest is 10. I'm in SE London. How old r yours? Good luck with ttc no5! Claire x
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